Dear ECOLISE member organisation representatives and network weavers... welcome to Croatia!

All activities, before the General Assembly and the GA itself, will take place in Križevci -- Croatian pronunciation: [krǐːʒeːʋt͡si] -- a town in central Croatia mentioned in history records for the first time in the year 1209, with a total population of around 21,000 inhabitants including 59 surrounding villages, and around 11,000 in the town itself. We will be hosted at Mariapoli Faro retreat center, by the local community of a Christian Fokolare Movement.

Travel to Križevci is via Zagreb -- Croatian pronunciation: [zǎːɡreb] -- the capital and the largest city of Croatia, 57 km west-southwest of Križevci by train.


Centar Marijapoli, Franje Račkog 32, 48260 Križevci, Croatia
Walking, taking a bike or travelling by car? Your destination (right-click to open on Google map).
GPS coordinates: 46°01'52.6"N 16°32'37.5"E
Weather forecast.


There is broadband Wi-Fi internet on site. Participants travelling to attend the event in person are encouraged to bring their own devices: laptop, tablet or smartphone (ideally with tripod) to help faciliate fully interactive, 2-way audio and video remote participation during breakout sessions.


Please note that all payments in Croatia are in Croatian kuna (kn). Exchange rate for 1 Euro is about 7.41 kn. Euro and other foreign currencies can be exchanged at exchange offices or taken from ATMs - both are normally easy to find. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted, but not everywhere. We recommend you get yourself some small amount of local cash as soon as you arrive (you can change it back on departure).


Arrival via Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (Zagreb Main Train Station) to Križevci (Križevci Train Station). There will be TAXI van waiting for you, or arriving shortly, at the taxi stop near the newsagent's kiosk to take you to the venue (36-minute walk). This ride is free of charge for you, just mention ECOLISE. If waiting feels too long, call or send text message to +385 98 208 113 in Croatian, English or Italian.


Arrival to Zagreb via Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb (Zagreb Main Bus Station, see website), then by tram to Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (Zagreb Main Train Station). It is rather a short ride, so you may risk getting on without ticket, but conrollers could hop on at any moment. Get yourself a 30-minute paper ticket at the newsagent's kiosk, price is 4.00 kn (around 0.54 Euro). Upon entry, paper tickets are validated in yellow machines installed near the first door of the tram, whereas in newer low-floor trams machines are also installed at the rear door. Do not buy tickets on the tram, these are too costly for such a short ride.

Take the northbound tram line number 2 or number 6 towards Črnomerec, get off at the third tram stop named Glavni kolodvor (directions). The next tram stop name is shown on tram displays and announced on the tram public address system.


If possible avoid flying. You can also choose to attend the ECOLISE General Assembly remotely. Arrival via Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb, then by regular shuttle service to Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb (Zagreb Main Bus Station). One way ticket price is 30.00 kn (around 4.00 Euro). From there you are three tram stops away from Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (Zagreb Main Train Station) - see instructions under Bus above.

Train timetable Zagreb → Križevci

Return ticket can be purchased online or locally at the train station in the ticketing office and on vending machines (credit cards accepted). Standard 2nd class one-way ticket price is 40.10 kn (around 5.50 Euro). Prices may somewhat vary for different trains. Return ticket discount applies only if return trip is within two days.

DEPARTURE - ARRIVAL (exceptions)
Zagreb 04:49 - Križevci 05:58 (except Sundays)
Zagreb 06:52 - Križevci 07:43
Zagreb 07:21 - Križevci 08:18
Zagreb 08:37 - Križevci 09:43 (except Sundays)
Zagreb 09:49 - Križevci 10:41
Zagreb 10:29 - Križevci 11:33
Zagreb 11:13 - Križevci 12:18 (except Saturdays and Sundays)
Zagreb 12:39 - Križevci 13:39
Zagreb 13:08 - Križevci 14:00 (on Saturdays and Sundays only)
Zagreb 14:45 - Križevci 15:47
Zagreb 15:38 - Križevci 16:27 (except Saturdays and Sundays)
Zagreb 16:06 - Križevci 17:05 (except Sundays)
Zagreb 16:38 - Križevci 17:28
Zagreb 16:54 - Križevci 17:47 (except Saturdays and Sundays)
Zagreb 17:29 - Križevci 18:38
Zagreb 18:47 - Križevci 19:42
Zagreb 19:40 - Križevci 20:50
Zagreb 20:44 - Križevci 21:41
Zagreb 21:27 - Križevci 22:20 (on Sundays only)
Zagreb 22:29 - Križevci 23:30

Please note that due to railway network reconstruction works at certain times passengers might be transfered by bus between Vrbovec and Križevci train stations.

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