"What is the magic

that happens as communities all around Europe come together in service for future?"

"How can local solutions help handle the global challenges we are faced with?"

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The ECOLISE General Assembly 2020 goes fully online, due to the coronavirus and in care for our members, our networks and for society at large.

The new format will be dynamic and resilient enough to adapt to what´s safe while also meeting its purposes and mission.

We therefore look forward to invite you to another kind of GA, thanks to the rich knowledge within our networks on how to do remote ready and blended conferencing.

This opens up for hubs, groups and individuals to connect to the conference from anywhere in the world.

ECOLISE’s annual General Assembly is the ideal gathering at which to meet ECOLISE members and those in the wider community.

During the GA we will go further into the collective implementation of ECOLISE’s new action programme, Communities for Future, co-creating the pathway ahead and building towards a public launch in September 2020.

For further questions, contact the GA coordinator: emilia.rekestad@gmail.com

Date and time
3-4 April 2020
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Nenad Maljković avatar

Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
Nara Petrovic avatar

Nara Petrovic

Writer, activist, fecologist & research assistant for Status Report
Davie Philip avatar

Davie Philip

Community Resilience Coordinator
Iva Pocock avatar

Iva Pocock

Communications Coordinator
Katy Momo avatar

Katy Momo

Founder, Catalyst/Designer at CELL Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg asbl
Emilia Rekestad avatar

Emilia Rekestad

Markus Molz avatar

Markus Molz

Alex Tudose avatar

Alex Tudose

Peter Hagerrot avatar

Peter Hagerrot

Environment journalist documentary filmmaker and licensed psychotherapist and Cert. Schematherapist (CBT)
Riccardo Amici avatar

Riccardo Amici

Alisa Dendro avatar

Alisa Dendro

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst avatar

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Council member - GEN Europe
Meera Ghani avatar

Meera Ghani

Policy Coordinator
Tom Henfrey avatar

Tom Henfrey

Research Coordinator
Suzie Cahn avatar

Suzie Cahn

Director/Co Founder Carraig Dúlra permaculture hub social enterprise officer An Cosán.
Claudian Dobos avatar

Claudian Dobos

Jean-Paul Grange avatar

Jean-Paul Grange

Mario Yanez avatar

Mario Yanez

Tim Strasser avatar

Tim Strasser

Network weaver & action researcher


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