Participating remotely

PLEASE OBSERVE: The ECOLISE GA 2020 will be hosted online due to the coronavirus.

ECOLISE is commited to making all our in-person events inclusive for remote participation of people that choose not to travel (to reduce their own environmental footprint) or are not able to travel for whatever reason.

Due to the coronavirus, we feel called to step up to this commitment by inviting you to a GA that is primarily based online, and where you can participate from anywhere in Europe and the world.

The cost for online participation ins 25 Euro.
You book you ticket here.
By using Zoom video conferencing online service, we are able provide a fully interactive, 2-way video and audio communication. Both individuals and local hubs/physical groups will be able to participate in meaningful ways.

All activities are carefully and skillfully co-facilitated by facilitators and virtual hosts on site and online hosts joining video conference remotely. In effect, remote participation in ECOLISE event becomes as close to in-person participation as possible, the most important difference being absence of travelling.
Time needs to be reserved for active participation and communication with participants online and on site throughout the event.
As remote participants we are able to join and actively contribute to the GA from our homes or offices using devices we normally use. A personal computer is recommended (with earbuds to hear better), but it is also possible to use tablets or smartphones.
You never used Zoom before or had some trouble last time? To prepare for Zoom video conference that will be comfortable both for you and for others you can check this brief written and video tips (right-click).

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