Effective Negotiation and Communication Skills: Brisbane

THE guide to improving your negotiating ability and persuasive style.

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Effective Negotiation and Communication Skills: Brisbane 18-19 Nov 2014 George Street Medical Centre, Brisbane, Australia
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Build your confidence in both the formal principles & the practical skills of negotiation & persuasion to leverage credibility & influence, fine tune your persuasive style & negotiate with more confidence & authority

Key Learning Outcomes

Apply proven principles of persuasion and influence to ensure win-win outcomes

Improve the results of your negotiations by following key principles and procedures

Optimise your pre-negotiation preparation to ensure improved outcomes

Understand, recognise and manage negotiation tactics and negative behaviours

Recognise different behavioural types and learn ways to relate better to others

Understand and utilise key communication tools to improve your influence on others

Integrate, combine and apply a range of value adding communication, persuasion and negotiation skills

Value Adds

This course is focused on giving you compelling take-away tools in a practical, interactive way so that you can apply these the very next day

Receive a comprehensive manual as reference material and further reading

Receive templates for application in negotiation, persuasion and communication processes

About the Course

This course combines negotiation, persuasion, influence and communication. These skills are interrelated and their cumulative effect results in a powerful and memorable learning experience.

In the business environment, competition is fierce and you need all the tools you can get to enable you to gain a competitive advantage. This course has direct application for complex transactions in your professional life, right through to interpersonal communication in your personal life.

Effective communication is crucial to negotiation, persuasion and relating to different human behaviours. The ability to listen, ask the right questions at the right time and come across with confidence and credibility is an important part of the subtle mix of skills needed to succeed in our complex world.

Powerful negotiation is a fine art and compelling to watch, as is the delicate ability to persuade and influence others. However, the goal of this course is to focus on and refine your skills and techniques so that your negotiations and persuasions have even more successful outcomes, significantly improving your performance.

From: November 18, 2014 09:00
To: November 19, 2014 17:00

George Street Medical Centre, 336 George St, 4000, Brisbane, Australia


Communications, Meetings & Events


credibility, fine tune, formal principles, influence

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