#Emprendus : Young International Entrepreneurs Summit

4-5 Oct 2013 at CINTERMEX, Monterrey, Mexico

Entrepreneurship & Startups, Big Ideas/Think

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*Conference: How to achieve more than 50 million online users
Martin Ferro-Thomsen
CEO and Founder of, also Co-Founder of Issuu; will share with us how his life changed after he gave up an international PhD fellowship for the love of entrepreneurship.

*Conference: Conquering the European market being Latinamerican
Maximiliano De Muro
Serial Tech Entrepreneur and LatAm Partner at will teach us how he conquered European Market since begining instead of starting with USA neither his own Country, selling one of his companies to his biggest competition.

*How I came from living on the streets to be successful
Rahfeal Gordon, CEO at RahGor will tell us how he came from living at streets to be a Harvard Grad Student and a Successful Business Man at 5th Ave. NYC

*How is an entrepreneur´s life?
Chris Miller, CEO Founder of Delta Rep and One Day Luxury. Looking forward how to pay his college some ideas come to his mind... a millionaire IDEAS !

*Turn your passion into a successful business.
Duane Spires LOVE extreme sports, UFC, MMA ! and decide to teach this to kids! know how business begin.

*Having GIANT clients
The Mexican Fernando Luege discover an algorithm to classify internet users information now, his clients are the biggest tv companies of America!

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CINTERMEX, Av. Fundidora No. 501 Col. Obrera, 64010, Monterrey, Mexico


Entrepreneurship & Startups, Big Ideas/Think

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