Entering a Foreign Market Workshop

The objective of the Entering a Foreign Market workshop is to give software executives a toolset to penetrate international markets & grow their global market

11-12 Dec 2014 at Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Business, Software

Entering a Foreign Market Workshop 11-12 Dec 2014 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
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The software industry is the biggest and the fastest growing industry in the world and most software travels easily across boarders.

If software companies do not take advantage of the global markets they will sooner or later face devastating competition from successful incoming global players. The idiosyncrasies of the software industry nurture “winner takes all” mechanisms. Networking effects and low or no production and logistics costs always play in favour of the global market leaders.

The “Grow or Die” principle applies to most players in the software industry.

The objective of this 2-day “Entering a Foreign Market” workshop is to give software executives a toolset and the opportunity to review and discuss the issues related to penetrating international markets and grow global market share.

The workshop will introduce fundamental business development frameworks such as Osterwalder’s Business Model canvas, the Customer Value Proposition, the Ideal Customer Profile, the Value Chain, the AIDA process, the Ideal Market Profile, the Market Assessment, Bootstrapping approaches, organizational and capital planning.

The workshop will show how these frameworks can be applied to real life situations reducing the time to revenue in a new market as well as increasing the predictability of the endeavour.

The workshop will provide frameworks and tools, which the attendees can implement immediately after returning from the workshop.
- See more at: http://www.tbkacademy.com/entering-a-foreign-market-5#sthash.cv10hamY.dpuf

From: December 11, 2014 00:00
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Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Business, Software

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