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Modern Web applications development - operate professional infrastructure

Computer Science, Technology

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JavaScript allows only language consistent and integrated web application development, from the graphical user interface via the web server to the database.

This increases the efficiency of developers and administrators, with the company often still lack the necessary experience in the professional use of the art technologies.

The enterJS addressed any resulting enterprise-wide challenges in lectures and workshops. It is designed for web developers, administrators, team or project leader and technology decision makers.

The organizers - heise Developer , the magazine iX , the dpunkt.verlag and the native web - opening the door to a JavaScript-based enterprise world and help companies realize the potential of these technologies.

What topics treated the enterJS?


Complex applications require a viable structure and architecture. However, JavaScript and Node.js hardly afford this assistance. How can nevertheless be well considered design applications, shows the enterJS.


The automated checking of software quality guarantee consistently reliable applications. These include the use of code analysis and unit tests. The enterJS presents these and other measures in theory and practice.


Web applications are 24/7 service worldwide - even for attackers. What threats and attack scenarios for the client and the server side there are how to effectively protect yourself from these and react in case of need efficiently on them, explains the enterJS.


Modern Web applications must handle a variety of complex queries simultaneously. Push messages and web real time to increase the additional requirements. The enterJS shows how to face these challenges with Node.js.


For a company-wide smooth cooperation is needed uniform guidelines and standardized development environments. The enterJS provides concrete measures and their implementation in everyday business.


Cloud and virtualization technologies are already commonplace for administrators and simplify the deployment and operation. The enterJS shows how developers can use these technologies and what they can learn from administrators.


Modern Web applications should not be a monolithic structure, but consist of a network of many smaller Web services. How to implement these services, linked and monitoring explains the enterJS in theory and practice.


Software development starts rarely on a greenfield site, but usually requires integration with existing applications. The enterJS shows how JavaScript and Node.js integrated meaningfully with other languages, technologies and platforms.

10 Reasons to enterJS

1) Companies in focus

The enterJS is the first German-language JavaScript conference, which focused specifically on the needs of businesses.

2) For Dev and DevOps

The lectures and workshops cover the entire application life cycle - development, deployment and operation.

3) Scope and complexity

That business applications from more than 100 lines of code are made, taking into account the enterJS in their lectures and workshops.

4) Practical relevance to ivory towers

The enterJS focuses on the essentials: Not everything that is possible in JavaScript also has practical relevance.

5) JavaScript is not an island

Use of JavaScript in the enterprise, is not to reinvent the wheel - the lectures and workshops to help in the transition.

6) Integration in Legacy-Systeme

The enterJS shows ways how to integrate JavaScript and Node.js with existing systems.

7) Impulse und Details

Keynote lectures give a concise overview, long lectures and workshops provide the necessary details.

8) 100% Experience and knowledge

The speakers are the enterJS of the first users who share their experiences and their knowledge advantage.

9) Valuable contacts

Impart knowledge, networking and exchanging experiences are the primary goals of enterJS.

10) Atmosphere

In an inspiring atmosphere enterJS the company is showing the way to a future with JavaScript and Node.js.

From: June 30, 2014 08:00
To: July 02, 2014 17:00

MediaPark, 7 Im Mediapark, 50670, Cologne, Germany


Computer Science, Technology


JavaScript, Node.js, Software Engineering, Web Development



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