ICEMT 2011 : The Second International Conference on Environmental Management & Technologies

21-24 Nov 2011 at TBA, Amman, Jordan

Natural Science, Technology

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The challenge of creating and maintaining a sustainable environment is probably one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. The finite energy supplies, environmental pollution, increasing energy consumption, inappropriate production methods, water scarcities, soil degradation, declining land productivity and dwindling resources are resulting in major environmental crises in many parts of the world. These globally critical challenges have made the sensible management of the world's dwindling resources an issue of utmost importance. The ICEMT 2011 will bring together an international and interdisciplinary audience to address many of the issues connected with environmental management, zero emissions, pollution, waste management, and sustainable development. Of particular interest for the conference is environmental management in the Arab world. Urban centers in the Arab world are undergoing one of the fastest rates of development in the world. However, this rapid, often erratic, and sometimes traumatic growth has not occurred without unwanted consequences on the environment.

The conference welcomes papers that discuss the latest developments in environmental management research and application. The aim of the conference is to present results of research and innovated technologies related to environmental problems, which threaten the environment and the quality of life on the earth. The ICEMT 2011 provides a forum for scholars, researchers, academicians and practitioners to examine and discuss solution-oriented methods for environmental management and engineering; to share and exchange experiences and research findings; to stimulate more ideas and useful insights regarding current best-practices and future directions in environmental management and the legal, social, and political components related to it; and to debate their views on future research and developments.

From: November 21, 2011 00:00
To: November 24, 2011 23:59

TBA, Amman, Jordan


Natural Science, Technology

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