Events 3.0

A new approach to create better events for your business

Tools alone won't fix the event industry, we need to rethink the entire event journey, we need a paradigm shift. We’ve built Conferize to help B2B companies, take their events to a higher level, and we’re calling it Events 3.0.

Engage to improve

Engage to improve

Engagement is the key to get loyal customers.


Start your event before it starts. One-way communication is from before the digital age. Let people comment, share ideas, give input. It improves your event long before the speaker goes on stage. Engagement enhances the experience!



What’s the burning questions? What is the topic(s) your target group is dying to know more about? Ask them! In the planning phase, five days before the event - again after the event. Demonstrate thought leadership!


Networking happens online. People attend events to grow their network. In-person networking is slow, random, and limited. Let people mingle and connect before, during or after the event. Bring networking online!


Apply one-on-one before the event. Reach out to people you want to nurture - or people you think might have valuable input. Let everyone attending your event be able to connect. Build relationships!

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