Events 3.0

A new approach to create better events for your business

Tools alone won't fix the event industry, we need to rethink the entire event journey, we need a paradigm shift. We’ve built Conferize to help B2B companies, take their events to a higher level, and we’re calling it Events 3.0.

Focus on people

Focus on people

Focus on people rather than content.


Present your event as a 1:1 meeting. Tell it like you mean it. This is the event of the year - and it’s tailored to you. People can choose among 1000 webinars. Stand out from the crowd!



Catch interest & nurture your leads. People might be interested but occupied. Make sure they can sign up to grow your community for future events and networking. Crowdfund your next event!


The breaks are the best part of your event. Let’s face it. People also attend events to meet like minded people. Show who’s attending as soon as they register. Think attraction & matchmaking!


Get to know your audience better. Get the insights you need on each attendee before the event starts to improve your content and lead generation. Insights drive business!


Forget guest lists. Build a community! This is not a one-time thing. You want to do events to grow your community to build relations, share knowledge and do more business. This is the core!

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