Events 3.0

A new approach to create better events for your business

Tools alone won't fix the event industry, we need to rethink the entire event journey, we need a paradigm shift. We’ve built Conferize to help B2B companies, take their events to a higher level, and we’re calling it Events 3.0.

Increase performance

Increase performance


You need an event hub! Recorded sessions, keynote presentations, Q&A follow-up, comments & polls, etc. Make your event-website the “go-to-place” before, during & after the event!



Your event-CRM is the core. Every person and action they perform around your events has to be tracked. If you want your events to drive more business this is where you locate “hot leads” to be followed up. Control your community!


Do targeted follow ups. Identify customer leads or “VIP’s” and do targeted follow-ups based on their interests and behaviour. Run a VIP event, ask for a meeting, send an email. Follow up is mandatory! Got it?!


Ensure commercial value. This is tied to your objective (top). Make sure to know the factors that influence on your events' return on investment. Turn your event into business!


Become better at events! Track the most important event-metrics and monitor them on your event-dashboard to enable you to improve your work. Create better events! Consistently!

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