Evidence-Based Government To Drive Performance

Using Evidence–Based Assessments and Predictive Analytics Tools to Maximize Efficiency of Government Programs

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President Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposals prioritize investing in empirically tested programs that demonstrate effectiveness and generate new knowledge about what works. The president’s budget proposal includes investments in pilot and demonstration programs, outcome-focused grant reforms, and the creation of new strategies that only pay for approaches that work. According to OBM, there are a range of existing programs that are receiving increased funding “on the basis for strong evidence.” In the light of these initiatives, we are happy to present a two-day conference plus interactive workshops that will equip you with tools for conducting accurate and effective evaluation that will maximize results of your programs and missions.

Discover actionable tools and practical tips to apply NOW to significantly improve outcomes of your agency programs and missions by:

Using Data to Gauge Readiness for Mission

Identifying Tools and Systems for Measuring the Success or Failure of
Programs and Policies

Overcoming Obstacles in Creating Performance Assessment Culture

Examining Various Analytics Approaches to Improve Program
Performance and Achieve Better Results

Collaborating with other Agencies to Collect Data and Share Analytics

Determining Cost-benefit Metrics and Findings Using Surveys, Audits as
well as various Experimental Methods

Choosing Meaningful Measures that are Linked to a Desired Goal

This conference has been researched with and designed for:

Chief Operating Officers

Chief Performance Officers

Chief Strategy Officers

Program Improvement Officers

Program Evaluation Experts

Strategic Planning Officers

As well as:

Technology Leadership and IT Specialists

Program Managers

Acquisition Leaders and Specialists

Human Capital Leaders and Specialists

Law Enforcement Agents and Managers

Inspector General Staff and Leadership Management Analysts

Performance Analysts

Data Scientists and Analysts

Government contractors and consultants

Private sector leaders interested in helping government use data to make
better decisions

And all those interested in learning new, innovative ways to improve their
agency mission and programs.