Fifth Annual UP 2014 Cloud Conference

One of leading Cloud Events in North America

Internet, Computer Science

Fifth Annual UP 2014 Cloud Conference 11 Dec 2014 Holiday Inn, San Francisco, United States
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Cloud Advocacy & Assurance

Average cloud adoption rate is above 60% across many enterprises, however the other 40% still want a few of their concerns to be addressed. Typical questions, that we'll try to answer are below:

What is cloud is and how best is it to use based on individual business needs, justifying when to use the cloud;

How to address concerns of terms and conditions of service. Developing an agreement template to act as a guideline for Cloud agreements.

Is cloud a new bubble or hear to stay. Where is the future of cloud?

What should an organisation keep in house and what should it put on the cloud?

What is the status of the Cloud in relation to the NSA scandal?

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Holiday Inn, 1500 Van Ness Ave, 94109, San Francisco, United States


Internet, Computer Science


buying and selling cloud, cloud computing




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