Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum – Philadelphia

12 June 2014, Philadelphia, United States

This event will explore how leading financial institutions are embracing new social technologies while meeting compliance and legal requirements.


Jenn Rob

Financial Institutions are changing how they do business. Technology continues to impact the way financial services companies communicate and collaborate with customers, employees, recruits, agents, advisers, partners, media, and the public. As leading financial institutions are embracing new social technologies, they also must meet compliance and legal requirements while doing so.

Our forum will focus on answering the following questions:
• What are the best case studies of leading financial institutions becoming a social business and what does that mean?
• What are the cost saving & revenue creating opportunities?
• How do you enable employees to connect, collaborate, and communicate with each other and with third parties through social technologies?
• How do you meet legal and compliance requirements and what are the technologies that help you do so?
• What are the best examples of how major financial institutions deal with the change management & training issues while creating a culture of innovation?
• How do you integrate social into the fabric of your brand to overcome the significant trust issues the financial services industry continues to face?
• How are financial institutions using social platforms to recruit new talent?

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