FT Cyber Security Summit USA

This conference will will explore what is currently being done to protect businesses in cyberspace...and, more importantly, what more could be done.

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FT Cyber Security Summit USA 18 Mar 2015 10 on the Park (at Time Warner Center), New York, United States
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Businesses, governments and citizens are increasingly at risk in cyberspace - from fraudsters, denial-of-service attackers, industrial spies, terrorists, foreign intelligence services and others. The counter-measures put in place can be effective, but only if they form part of a carefully prepared cyber security strategy that is regularly updated and enhanced.

Many businesses are taking all the right steps, but others are simply not doing enough. The least prepared are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but even the largest corporations need to do more. Robust information technology and communications systems are essential, but so too is a proper understanding of the cyber risks and a full commitment to tackle them by the board and executive management. Cyber security is no longer an IT concern, it is a major business issue.

The FT Cyber Security Summit USA 2015 will explore what is currently being done to protect businesses in cyberspace…and, more importantly, what more could be done. Following on from the inaugural FT Cyber Security Summit 2014 held in London, the USA conference will cover many of the same issues, but with a sharper focus on the threats facing businesses, especially those in critical national infrastructure industries such as financial services, energy and transportation.

The Summit will be chaired and moderated by senior FT journalists. It will bring together executive managers, corporate information security officers, consultants and IT vendors to discuss the broader business issues of cyber security. It will also feature top officials from government departments and agencies who have responsibility for developing national cyber security strategies that help both the public and private sectors manage existing and emerging cyber risks.

Early rate (by Nov 28)- Private sector: USD 795
Early rate (by Nov 28) - Public sector: USD 395
Private sector regular: USD 1195
Public sector regular: USD 595

Speakers: Valerie Abend, Senior Critical Infrastructure Officer, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency US Department of the Treasury, Larry Clinton, President and CEO, Internet Security Alliance, Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor, Financial Times

From: March 18, 2015 09:00
To: March 18, 2015 17:30

10 on the Park (at Time Warner Center), 60 Columbus Circle, 10019, New York, United States


Engineering, Technology

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