GIA Conference Amsterdam 2015

1-3 Jun 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Market and competitive intelligence has evolved. Join the conference that's 100% recommended by past participants a the best way to learn MI/CI best practices.

Christian Bischof


Erik Bärlund


Roberto Cortucci


Joost Drieman


VP at M-Brain, international business professional. Experience in strategy, bus dev, intelligence and management. Visiting lecturer at business schools.

Simon Edward


Dr. Erik Elgersma



GIAconf 492

Intelligence has evolved. The world is deviating and getting braver, markets drivers are different and becoming bolder, business models are disruptive and going beyond borders. Your intelligence work today requires new insights, methodologies, tools and interaction!

It is more than just looking at the market alone; it is about understanding all market dynamics. As an intelligence professional, you need to look at your customers, competition and market drivers - by using primary research, secondary research and multimedia monitoring. An increase in research and analytical capabilities is urgently needed and you need to be prepared.

1. Are you in need of new intelligence to support evolving businesses?
2. Do you use SMINT and Big Data to its maximum?
3. Are you seen as the trusted advisor in tough times?

Join the conference that will help prepare you for the next phase of your market intelligence development.

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