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26-27 Sep 2011 at Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, USA

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Mobile is Everywhere. Opportunity is Everywhere.
Opportunity. Everywhere. That’s the theme of Mobilize 2011, and why, this year, our Mobilize event is doubling in scope, providing you two days of insight and analysis. The conjunction of mobile computing and cloud-based services will unleash an entire new wave of product and market growth. At this year’s Mobilize 2011, we’ll show you how Cloud Computing and Mobile Web creates the beginning of further opportunity.

The success of the mobile web, connected devices and application stores has led to mainstream cultural acceptance and disruption, fueling opportunity in areas the industry did not predict. For example, the iPad and other tablets are poised to take the enterprise by storm, hearkening back to the days when the Apple II and VisiCalc forever changed the workplace.

The cultural, social and business necessities of being connected everywhere have inspired designers and technologists to build new products and create new markets. Never before have we stood at such a precipice of technological innovation with nearly endless potential at every level for new opportunity ranging from hardware, software and services.

Some of the topics we plan to cover relating to emerging trends for mobile web, connected devices and the mobile enterprise include:

The rise (and potential fall) of the app economy. Mobile apps are everywhere now, and people are even basing mobile device decisions on which platform supports particular apps, but will the app store survive as a business model? As powerful new web standards emerge, developers could turn back to the mobile web to gain the full revenue for their efforts. But app stores help with marketing, so their sales cut and storefront could continue to set the bar. What should a developer do?
The tablet and other smart personal devices in the workplace. Employees want to use their own devices; help desks may have to support them; VCs want to invest in the space, and ideas abound. What might keep these devices from gaining a foothold at work? Enterprises may have to adjust to keep employees happy as lines between work life and personal life blur on devices of today, and those adjustments will require new solutions and strategies.
Mobile user experience rules. Hear from a panel of consumers (read: buyers) describing how they use mobile devices and what they think could make their experiences better. Some may be surprised to hear that form factor and device size could trump a slightly better user experience!
The new network. As the network becomes the processor for many mobile devices, networks are becoming sexy again. Startups are innovating with infrastructure that needs to be self-optimized and self-healing, as network reliance is high. Other opportunities include real-time traffic information, new technologies to manage radio interference and unique methods of traffic offloads that balance cost with network efficiency and reliability.
Hardware beyond phones. Tablets are here, but what machine-to-machine (M2M) devices will we see powering vertical industries and creating opportunities for developers? Applications will be need to control web-connected appliances, monitor intelligent cars and control smarter homes, spurring an entire new class of mobile application. See the best leading examples of Connected Devices.
Location-based advertising. Location is called the Holy Grail of advertising, but there are lots of hurdles to be overcome when it comes to privacy, technology and business models/partnerships.
Additional focus areas at Mobilize 2011:

Multi-core processors. What capabilities do they bring and how will they influence device design?
Mobile video. Everyone has a camera in their pocket — many of which are capable of high-definition — and everyone wants to share. How can network operators cope with this growing bandwidth demand?
Carriers. What will carriers need to do over the next year to adjust for the rising use of a relatively fixed asset? As operators try to keep control of the ecosystem, how will they cope with challengers such phones with embedded SIMs?
Big players. Will Microsoft and Nokia rise together as a major mobile force? What’s the prognosis for Google Honeycomb, and how will Google manage two platforms: one for phones and one for tablets? How much of iOS will Apple push towards traditional computers?
Cloud and mobile. Mobile processors are becoming more powerful, so does it still make sense to offload processing to the cloud? What opportunities does the cloud provide for mobile, and how can developers best take advantage of cloud computing for their apps and services?
Location and privacy. As location becomes a core component of every device and a growing number of apps, how will people (and service providers) balance a loss of privacy with a gain in personal, localized services?
Near Field Communications. The idea is sound, but the implementation of near field communications appears to be a dogfight, as no single standard has evolved for contactless payments. But NFC isn’t just about moving money; what else can happen when we wave a phone near an object? Who will create the killer NFC application?
Virtualization on handsets. Is virtualization a great solution to the work / personal dilemma? On the consumer side, virtualization opens entirely new platforms to developers with little to no extra effort required.

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Mission Bay Conference Center, 1675 Owens Street, 94158, San Francisco, USA


Advertising, Marketing & PR, Mobile

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