GLAZEDcon London: The Dawn of the Wearable Economy

22 October 2014, London, United Kingdom

Learn about the year’s best in wearable technology and what to expect in the future


Kyle Lloyd

Press and Media - Discover the latest trends in Wearable tech and what to expect from this industry in the near future.

Startup Executives - Get top tips from successful entrepreneurs and find out how they raised funding.

Hardware Product Designers- Gain insights on how to improve functionality, performance, quality and design of wearable products.

Corporate Executives - Find out what opportunities exist to integrate wearable technology into your business.

Agencies/Brands- Hear how from big brands who've created a market leading advantage by being early adopters.

Investors -  Come discover the entrepreneurs with the next billion dollar exits like Nest, Oculous Rift, and Basis.

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