Google Summer of Code Reunion

Celebrating 10 Years of GSoC!

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Google Summer of Code Reunion 23-26 Oct 2014 Hilton San Jose, San Jose, United States
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In the past we have held a Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit where we invite two mentors/org admins from each of that year’s participating GSoC orgs to come to Google’s campus for a weekend “unconference”. This year in celebration of our 10th year of Google Summer of Code we are changing things up quite a bit. Please read the information below and the pages on this site for complete details.

This year we are holding a GSoC Reunion instead of the traditional mentor summit. What does that mean you ask? First of all, we will be almost doubling the size of this event and having up to 600 attendees. Secondly, we will have two different categories that attendees will fall into for the Reunion:

Attendees will be either a:

1) Delegate: a student, mentor, or organization administrator who has participated in any instance of the GSoC program from 2005 - 2014 and is chosen to attend the GSoC Reunion by a mentoring organization that is participating in our 2014 program (Google will be paying for the travel and hotel for these two delegates). There will be a maximum of 380 delegates at the event (2 from each of the 190 orgs participating in 2014).


2) Lottery Winner: an accepted student, mentor or org administrator that has participated in one of the last 10 years of GSoC that won one of the lottery drawings held between 23 June and 18 August. This person could have participated in 2005 or 2014 or any year in between. (These guests will be entirely responsible for paying for their travel and hotel costs to attend the event). There will be about 220 of these Lottery Winners at the event.

From: October 23, 2014 15:00
To: October 26, 2014 16:15

Hilton San Jose, 300 S Almaden Blvd, 95110, San Jose, United States


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