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Hak4Kidz is the first official youth based ethical hacking conference in Chicago that is *not* a hackathon.

Hak4Kidz is an event by ethical hackers and Information Security professionals dedicated to bring the educational and communal benefits of hacking conferences to children and young adults. We plan to accomplish this mission by putting our collective expertise and passion on display for the attendees to interact with us at their will. A combination of youth base speaking tracks complementing an open area of stations will enable the attendees to expand and enlighten their technical interests. For innovation to perpetuate, it’s imperative that today’s young users are exposed to the bigger picture of how we got here and to help realize their potential.

~# Hak4Kidz Activities

Time to get your hak on with these educational activities:

jrCTF - junior Capture The Flag contest for prizes
Snap Circuits - Award winning engineering toy by Elenco
Networking Playground - Hooking up network gear and securing them
Homemade Hacks - Old tech meets new tech for alternative tech! And a programmable robot!!
How I.T. Works - disassemble old electronics without getting "grounded"
InfoSec Career Mentoring - hacking is fun but hacking for a living is uber fun
Locksport - introduction to ethical lock-picking for sport only
NEW -> Hands-on OSI Model - learn how a web page gets into your browser
Getting close -> Podcasting - learn audio and video optimization techniques
Getting close -> Tiny Hardware - Low power processing projects
Additional activities for Hak4Kidz are still being finalized, so please check back regularly.

~# Workshops

~# Workshops Confirmed

~# How to Build & Run Your Own Minecraft Server

~## Synopsis

Minecraft has been becoming one of the most popular games for kids of all ages in the last couple of years. It's open-ended sand-box style game-play allows for players to let their imaginations run wild and build worlds in whatever manner they want. As a result of this expansive style of game-play, a large community has developed around the game providing a multitude of different options for customizing the game through the client or the by running your own game servers.

In this workshop, we will walk-through discussing the different ways that the game can be customized. We will also discuss the different types of servers engines that exist currently and why they each have their place. Lastly we will actually build a Minecraft server, configure securely and install several common plug-ins on the server.

~## About the Instructor

Steven McGrath is the creator and lead developer of [BukGet], largely considered the standard back-end for Minecraft server plug-in management. With over 30 million hits a month, BukGet provides the community a fairly comprehensive plug-in listing with over 75 thousand versions of different plug-ins that the community has released.

~## Workshop Mandatory Minimum System Requirements

Bring Your Own Laptop Meeting the following Criteria:

A PC running Windows 7 or higher, or Ubuntu Linux, or a MacBook
2 GB Ram
20 GB Disk
2 or more CPU Cores
Licensed and functional version of Minecraft
NOTE: The above may also be loaded into a virtual machine with VMware Workstation / VMware Fusion, Microsoft VirtualPC or VirtualBox.

~# Squaring Off With Cubelets and Programmable Robots 1.0 for Ages 8 - 12

~## Synopsis

This class is pure programming fun! Cool, click-together FUNctions and programming challenges await with Cubelets and the Robotic Arm Edge.

During the first half of class students check out the coolest cubes on the market, Cubelets. Create awesome examples of modular robotics with various behaviors and sensors. Can you create and identify the functions of “Dud Light,” “Fraidy Bot,” and “Lookout?” With Cubelets complete the next activity will involve the challenge of using the Robotic Arm Edge to stack it higher! Can you complete a stack of three?

~# Squaring Off With Cubelets and Programmable Robots 2.0 for Ages 13 - 17

~## Synopsis

Cubelets are a great way to make minds of all ages excited about programming and when coupled with the PC Programmable Robot you have two excellent hours of programming.

First students will identify the functions of each individual modular robotics component, Cubelets. Next students complete three simple component combinations and work together to form at least one complex Cubelet robot! The next portion of class highlights the PC Programmable Robot. Experiment with the out of box line tracking program and then use the Artec software, issuing commands to avoid a set of obstacles. Can your robot complete the course in time?

Hak4Kidz is excited to announce a call for presentations at our inaugural event. This call for presentations will terminate at midnight on July 28th, 2014 - no exceptions. Submit early, submit often.

Being our first year, we are seeking presentors ranging in age from 8 thru 26 years old. Hak4Kidz is focused on learning through sharing and we believe having our attendees put their best work on display is a fantastic catalyst. Keep in mind, your audience ranges from those who are new to ethical hacking up to experienced high school age coders.

Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

Anything Minecraft related that has never been seen/done before on
YouTube or other video content sites. For example, you created
something very cool using Red Stone, Pistons, a Mod or plug-in etc.

You created something mind-blowing with LEGOs that you need to share
your story about creating it.

Tools related to networking, operating systems, mobility, etc that you
found an interesting way to use.

A tool you have a prototype for but need help building it further. Make sure
this includes the problem the tool solves and demonstrate the solution
with best effort.

Programming and scripting for security practitioners (e.g., shell scripting,
Python, Ruby, MIT Scratch).

Science related research you have been doing. (We've seen the Baking
Soda volcano).

Any hardware hacking.

Anti-OSINT or keeping your information private on the Internet.

Food hacking that doesn't involve fire, liquid oxygen or miscellaneous
chemicals that will make our insurance company freak out.

Anything we may have overlooked that you are really good at.

Hak4Kidz will not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your talk is a
thinly-veiled advertisement for a new product or service your company is
offering, please do not submit.

~# Speaking Format

Each presentation will be 25 minutes which should include about 5 minutes time for Q&A.

From: August 23, 2014 08:00
To: August 23, 2014 17:00

TechNexus, 20 N Upper Wacker Dr, 60606, Chicago, United States


Computer Science, Education & Learning


Anti-OSIN, Food hacking, Internet



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