High-Performance Applications with WebSockets

Find out how to use WebSockets with Richard Clark!

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Two years ago, the world was taking an early look at WebSockets and HTML5. Today, WebSockets is a finished standard and HTML5 has been frozen as a Candidate Recommendation. It’s time to put these technologies to work!

HTML5 introduces new high-performance communications features such as WebSockets, Cross Document Messaging, XMLHttpRequest Level 2, and Server-Sent Events. These provide ways to optimize your web applications’ performance and implement real-time communication that was previously the domain of desktop applications.

And while we have plenty of best practices for deploying the older HTTP-based communications technologies (AJAX, Reverse AJAX/Comet), deploying WebSockets requires some thought in how to secure, scale, and manage the network.

In this highly practical, two-day course you’ll learn to create WebSocket applications from the people who helped create the standard. You’ll design and build modern client-server applications for the web, deploy your application securely, and make it work with common Enterprise messaging architectures. You’ll also be ready to build communicating applications for mobile.

At the end of this class, you will be ready to build high-performance, scalable, and secure applications such as:

- Trading System Clients

- Online Betting Applications

- Social Chat Solutions

- Performance Monitoring Applications

- Sports and News Broadcasting Applications

Learn how to:

Upon completion of this course you will know how to create your own scalable, real-time Web applications using the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway and other WebSocket platforms.

In particular, you will be able to:

Design complete client-server applications using WebSockets

Use modern JavaScript techniques to construct and manipulate client-
side user interfaces

Write code to fetch data using either HTTP or WebSockets

Write code to fetch data across multiple origins

Debug client behaviors and the network messaging

Use tools to analyze web application performance

Build clients for a typical enterprise message bus

Decide when and why to use HTML5 Communication and its implications
on your architecture

Secure your application deployment

Implement reliable communications for mobile applications, even under
less than ideal network conditions

Prepare your deployment for high availability and scalability

Deploy your application even on legacy browsers

From: July 17, 2014 09:00
To: July 18, 2014 23:59

Skills Matter, 116-120 Goswell Rd, EC1V 7DP, London, United Kingdom


Computer Science, Technology


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