HMI Systems Europe 2014

After Last Year's Grand Success & Community Of +140 International Professionals, we.CONECT Brings Back Europe's Leading Car HMI Event in 2014

Computer Science, Engineering

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HMI Concepts for Autonomous Driving | Augmented Reality | Voice Control & Speech Recognition | Multimodal Interface Management

Human machine interfaces (HMIs) traditionally consist of multiple systems which allow drivers to interact with their vehicle. In today's automotive designs, the HMI displays any feedback from the vehicle to the driver.

This interaction begins the instant one unlocks the car door, continues while driving, and ends the moment the driver gets out and locks the car. It involves the optimal balance of the driver's sensory inputs to make the driving experience both safe and enjoyable. The automotive industry is going through a Human Machine Interface revolution that continues to change the way drivers and passengers interact with their cars.

In this regard, the Car HMi concepts & systems 2014 returns with 130+ board-level attendees from OEMs and major Automotive suppliers, engineering & software companies to discuss strategic approaches, new technologies and ideas in improving developments, concepts & systems in automotive HMI, how to manage HMI an increasing application infrastructure in the car and how to create the ultimate user experience design.

The 2013 conference featured 25 speakers from Volkswagen, General Motors, Daimler, Renault, Adam Opel, Hyundai, Jaguar Cars, TomTom, Peugeot Citroen, Volvo Group Trucks, KIA Motors, Peterbilt Motors, Carmeq, Delphi, EvoBus, Continental Automotive, Siemens, University of Salzburg, Munich & Chemnitz and many more...

What Can You Expect @ we.CONECT?

COMMUNITY: The only conference that will discuss future intelligent & integrated concepts, development of HMI and user experience design in automotive cockpits.

DELEGATES: 130+ senior level executives from all OEMs & major automotive suppliers, engineering & software companies to discuss challenges, cutting edge technologies in automotive HMI.

SPEAKERS & MODERATORS: 25+ Pioneers & Leaders will share their wisdom and announce some of the biggest developments to hit the industry over the next 12 months.

NETWORKING: Multiple opportunities for networking start planning your meetings now / Exclusive networking event. Meet and greet with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and social setting.

SESSIONS: 20+ innovative sessions to ensure all the key topics are covered / 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the automotive industry with targeted networking coffee breaks.

FORMAT: 3 Icebreaker Sessions, more than 20 Case Studies, 4 World Cafés & 4 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables.

If you want to get new ideas, fresh approaches and an action-plan of how develop HMI and how to integrate new technologies you can't miss this conference!

We look forward to welcoming you!
Your we.CONECT team


Design & Development Process

Mastery of variants and versions / HMI Product life cycle analysis & Technology roadmap

Automation in the context of evaluation of prototypes & testing / Human-Machine-Interaction IT & Rapid Prototyping Simulation

Product Development against the background of different legal guidelines worldwide

Modular HMI development with regards to international market requirements

Autonomous Driving & Automated Systems

System & Technical considerations on the way to automated driving - What stays and what has to change, if the algorithm is driving instead of the driver?

HMI & Autonomous Vehicle Design

Automated Driving Aids: Modeling, Analysis, and Interface Design Considerations

Exploring the User Experience of Autonomous Driving - Autonomous driving, social driving and novel user interface approaches

UX, Intuitive HMI, Voice Control & Gesture – Multimodal interfaces

Intuitive driving – Beyond intuitive HMI?

Management of total HMI - Voice control interface, haptic interface, and visual interface, speech applications as a part of an in-vehicle multimodal Interface for Infotainment systems

Personalization & Customization of HMIs

Latest trends of gesture recognition in automotive HMI

Augmented Reality Navigation in future Head-Up Displays

Texting and Calling – Challenges and concepts for integration in HMI

App Development, Infotainment, Telematics & HMI

Designing HMI for apps – Agile HMI development processes / App development methods

In-car gaming and entertainment and challenges for HMI Development and Integration vs. Driver distraction

Developing useful, usable, as well as compelling apps and smartphone devices in the context of sophisticated infotainment & telematics systems - What is the optimal HMI for connected vehicles?

Mobile Internet, Automotive HMI & APPs - Challenges and solutions for the automotive lifecycle, Safety and Usability

Driver distraction from safety and comfort devices and end-consumer preferences of non-standardized HMI

Next generation Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS)

Scenario independent mobile device integration in an HMI to increase drive distraction and optimize driver workload

Multimodality & Augmented Reality vs. Driver distraction

Innovative Tools, Display Technologies & User Interfaces

Text & Messaging Tools & Systems – Challenges for developing HMI’s regarding text input and output while driving

3-D as a new driver of automotive

MMI touch – new technologies for new control concepts

Speech HMI & Contextual HMI

User interfaces for information access (search, browsing, etc.) while driving

Biometrics and physiological sensors as a user interface component

From: June 26, 2014 07:45
To: June 27, 2014 16:30

Ramada Hotel Berlin-Mitte, 10115, Berlin, Germany


Computer Science, Engineering


Development, HMI, Systems

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