Homeland Security Conference 2018

Welcome to our annual Homeland Security Conference 2018. 

The Homeland Security Conference focuses on bringing together representatives from the cyber security community, industry decision makers, governmental authorities and academics. This is reflected in our strong, international speakers list including some of the leading experts and professionals from the homeland and cyber security community to give further insights about challenges and business opportunities right now within the security industry.

This year, the Homeland Security Conference will take a point of departure in the new Danish National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security as well as the European NIS Directive, and focus on the cyber threats that critical infrastructure sectors are exposed to and explore pro-active counter-measures.

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming cyber expert John Foley, COPITS, as our moderator.


08.30 – 09.30 Registration and light breakfast

09.30 – 09.40 Welcome by Klaus Bolving, CenSec, and John Foley, COPITS

09.40-09.50 Key Note opening speech by the Minister of Defence, Claus Hjort Frederiksen

09.50 – 10.50 The Energy Sector
• Jørgen S. Christensen, Research and Technology Director, Danish Energy
• Michael Lisanti, Director of Partnerships, CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University Security and Privacy Institute
• Andrey Bogdanov, Founder, Cypercrypt
• Tanel Tammet, Chief Architect, AS Cybernetica
o Panel debate (incl. parliamentary candidate Rolf Bjerre (Å))

15 minutes break and networking

11.05 – 12.05 The Health Sector
• Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen, Head of Section, Ministry of Health in the Unit for Data, Infrastructure and Cyber Security 
• Rosario Giustolisi, Assistant Professor, IT University of Copenhagen
• Claus Larsen, Country Manager, ATOS
• Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen, Head of Security Lab, Alexandra Institute
o Panel debate (incl. parliamentary candidate Lars Arne Christensen (K))

12.05 – 12.40 Lunch and networking

12.40-13.20 Business Development & Internationalization
• Ole Kjeldal Jensen, Founder, Ampersand Associates
• Juha Remes, Executive Director, Finnish IT Security Cluster FISC

• Signe Flege, Head of Global Trade & Security, Danish Business Authority 
• Lasse Grønning & Christian Walther Bruun, Partners, GrønBruun

13.20-14.20 The Financial Sector
• René Bergman, Director, Head of IT Security Division, The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
• Olga Troshkova, Relationship Manager and Security Analyst, Nordic Financial CERT
• René Thomsen, Advisor, FSOR Secretariat, Danmarks Nationalbank
• Peter Kruse, Founder and Head of eCrime Unit, CSIS Security Group
o Panel debate

15 minutes break and networking

14.35-15.35 The Transportation Sector
• Holger Schlingloff, Prof. Dr., Scientific Director, Fraunhofer FOKUS
• Harry Kaube, Sales Manager CyberSecurity, Airbus Defence & Space
• Aron Frank Sørensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation, BIMCO
o Panel debate (incl. Torben Ørting Jørgensen, shipbroker, rear admiral (retired))

15 minutes break and networking

15.50-16.50 The Telecommunications Sector
• Torben Rune, Founder, Netplan
• Philip Mills, Head of Business Development, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT)
• Søren Sennels, Executive Manager, Dencrypt
• Ole Mørk Lauridsen, System Engineering Manager, Teracom
o Panel debate

16.50-17.00 Wrap up and way ahead by Klaus Bolving, CenSec, and John Foley, COPITS

17.15-21.00 Pre-dinner drinks and dinner (only for people who signed up) remember to sign up for this specifically)

Claus Larsen, Atos (DK)

Claus Larsen, Atos (DK)


Country Manager at Atos. Global responsible for business development in Homeland Security and Defense with focus on :* Border protection* Checkpoint and site control* Smart city security* Tactical communication * Intelligence and reconnaissance* Emergency management* Combat management* Cyber security

Michael Lisanti, CMU CyLab (USA)

Michael Lisanti, CMU CyLab (USA)


Director of Partnerships - CyLab,  Carnegie Mellon University Security and Privacy Institute.CMU is a world leader in cybersecurity, with a distinctive body of work that spans all seven colleges and SEI, while engaging with a variety of external partners. CyLab transcends organizational boundaries to act as the hub for Carnegie Mellon’s research into computer security and privacy. CyLab offers a platform for collaboration among existing efforts across the university, while catalyzing new interdisciplinary work and providing institutional support and resources for students, faculty and partners.

Ole Kjeldal Jensen, Ampersand Associates (DK)

Ole Kjeldal Jensen, Ampersand Associates (DK)


Founder and Business Designer, Ampersand Associates.Ampersand associates is a hybrid tech development and advisory services start-up, that helps companies succeed with business transformation by assessing, monitoring and building critical transformation capabilities. The services are provided through a combination of automated robo-advice, specialised human advice, and sourcing of tools and capability development from sources all over the world.

Juha Remes, Finnish IT Security Cluster FISC (FI)

Juha Remes, Finnish IT Security Cluster FISC (FI)


Executive Director FISC, CEO Cyberlab FISC company. Chairman of Board North European Cybersecurity Cluster, NECC. Board Member of European Cybersecurity Organization. Business and Cybersecurity board professional and business strategy couch.Mr. Juha Remes is currently responsible for FISC operations and it’s industry’s owned Cyberlab company.FISC is involved in several cyber and information security related organization and project globally. Juha Remes has been one of the front-runners of the cybersecurity sector in Finland, and Europe.He holds several positions of trust in private industry and government.

Lasse Holm Grønning, Grøn/Bruun Research and Innovation Bureau (DK)

Lasse Holm Grønning, Grøn/Bruun Research and Innovation Bureau (DK)


Partner, Grøn/Bruun Research and Innovation Bureau. Lasse has worked in the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Danish Permanent Representation to the EU, the Royal Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Copenhagen EU Office. He has solid experience with public affairs within research and innovation policy, Horizon 2020 and establish multi-stakeholder consortia.

Dr. Andrey Bogdanov, CYBERCRYPT (DK)

Dr. Andrey Bogdanov, CYBERCRYPT (DK)


Founder of CYBERCRYPT and Associate Professor in Cybersecurity and Cryptology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Andrey has 15+ years of experience from academic institutions, global software providers, and cybersecurity enterprises. Andrey’s background includes a PhD in applied cryptography and professor-level university positions. Concurrently, he has a proven track record from consulting and working for a large number of corporations, such as Siemens, Microsoft, Sony, and NEC, as well as several national government agencies.

We currently have 151 participants registered (new signups will be added regularly):

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Agema, Per Rhein Hansen
Airbus Defence & Space, Harry Kaube
Airbus Defence & Space, Jack Offerman
Airbus Defence & Space, Werner Teutsch
Alexandra Institute, Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen
Alexandra Institute, Hanne Davidsen Jensen
Ampersand Associates, Ole Kjeldal Jensen
Aneeva, Gideon Silberman
Aneeva, Jakob Melchior
AS Cybernetica, Tanel Tammet
ATOS, Claus Larsen
Avian Digital Forensics, Jacob Isaksen
Banedanmark, Krisoula Katsarelia 
BBC Consult, Bernt Christiansen
BIMCO, Aron Frank Sørensen
BIMCO, Jakob Larsen
British Embassy Copenhagen, Susannah Fairbairn
Business Academy, Benjamin Anyembe
Cand.soc. Intl. Security and Law, Trine Thi Lam
CAPITAL E&I, Janus Bendix Engmann
CenSec, Anna Andersen
CenSec, Poul-Erik Hansen
CenSec, Klaus Bolving
CenSec, Louise Juel Broch
CenSec, Charlotte Dalqvist
CenSec, Sofie Kubel Lindgaard
Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Philip Mills
CIMA Technologies, Mogens Nørgaard
City Consulting, Dennis Larting
CMU CyLab, Michael Lisanti
Copenhagen Business School, Christina Carolin Rupp
Copenhagen Business School, Cecilie Bøhn
Copenhagen Fintech, Niklas Weckesser
COPITS, John Foley
COPITS, Ercan Altun
CSIS Security Group, Peter Kruse
Cybercrypt, Andrey Bogdanov
Cybercrypt, Peter Jerry Sørensen
Cybercrypt, Anri Muco
Dania Academy of higher education, Tomas Kurkis
Dania Academy of higher education, Andreea Brumari
Dania Academy of Higher Education, Kaj Richard Nielsen
Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Birger Fuhrmann Skjødt
Danish Business Authority, Signe Flege
Danish Business Authority, Klaus Melsing Bjørnholdt
Danish Business Authority, Anna Kirkegaard 
Danish Defence, Kim Johansson
Danish Defence, Michael Blicher
Danish Defence, Adam Nørgaard
Danish Defence, Thomas Frost
Danish Defence, Mads Damgaard
Danish Defence, Jan kjærgaard
Danish Defence, Marianne Strøm Nielsen
Danish Defence, Lars Hove Olesen
Danish Energy, Jørgen S. Christensen
Danish National Police, Jesper Osbøl 
Danmarks Nationalbank, René Thomsen
DBI, Lauge Vithner Jensen
DBI, Naninna Hansen
DBI, Anja Kivac
DBI, Hannah Rosenqvist
DBI, Anas Sallam
Deloitte/Struensee & Co., Per Ludvigsen
Dencrypt, Søren Sennels
Derant, Michael Lentge Andersen
Dubex, Jacob Herbst
ELTEL Networks, Mickie Friebel
EURADA, Nuria Fornés Sayas
EURADA, Naiara Zaragozá Miravalls
EURADA, Esteban Pelayo
Finance Denmark, Mette Stürup
Finnish IT Security Cluster FISC, Juha Remes
FireEye, Jesper Dromph
FireEye, Anders Jaegerskou
FORCE Technology, Jeppe Pilgaard Bjerre
Fraunhofer FOKUS, Holger Schlingloff
Fremsyn, Knud Boesgaard Christensen
Grundfos, Daniel Pedersen
GrønBruun, Lasse Grønning
GrønBruun, Christian Walther Bruun
HiveMined, Mark Rees-Andersen
Home Guard Command, Special advisor Sanne Brasch Kristensen
Home Guard Command, Captain David Wigotski
Home Guard Command intern, Emil Lindegaard Jensen
HUBER+SUHNER Northern, Line Jensen
HUBER+SUHNER Northern, Torsten Magnussen
IBM Denmark, Casper Madsen
IDA, Kurt Westh Nielsen
Integra Consult, Kim Christiansen
Invest In Denmark, Katrine Dalsgaard Skovly
IT University of Copenhagen, Rosario Giustolisi
IT-Culture Security, Gerner T. Madsen
Kongressen.com, Philip Chr. Ulrich 
Kongressen.com, Anna Hornshøj  
Lars Bærentzen Consult, Lars Bærentzen
Messe C Fredericia, Charlotte Buus
Ministry of Health, Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen
Motorola Solutions, Keld Andersen
MSI Consulting, Morten Simonsen
MyDefence, Rilinda Ibisi
MyDefence, Dennis Hansen
Netcompany, Silan Atici
Netic, Nicholas Gregoire
Netplan, Torben Rune
Nets, Shehzad Ahmad
NetSection Security, Lars Karslund
NetSection Security, Dan Færch
NORAD, Klaus Langgaard Thomsen
Nordic Cyber Security Partners, Tejs K Berthelsen
Nordic Cyber Security Partners, Claus Bobjerg Juul 
Nordic Financial CERT, Olga Troshkova
ODU, Mads Haastrup
PAJ Consult, Poul Arne Jensen
PiaTesdorf, Pia Tesdorf
Pii Guard, Martin Boesgaard
Privacy Collective, Vanja Cosic
SecuriOT, Jørgen Hartig
SecuriPax, Ancuta Gabriela Tarta
Shipbroker, Rear Admiral (retired), Torben Ørting Jørgensen
SAAB, Jan Rasmussen
SAAB/Combitech, Christian Iversen
Technical University of Denmark, Luke Herbert
Technical University of Denmark, Anders Pall Skött
Teracom, Ole Mørk Lauridsen
Teracom, Lars Kæraa
Teracom, Jarand Hetting
Terma, Tim Nielsen
Terma, Kristoffer Groth Jakobsen
Thales Denmark, Rolland Bouvier
The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, René Bergman
The Danish ICT Industry Association, Birgitte Hass
The Danish Industry Foundation, Malene Stidsen
The People and Security Association, Adam Sonnich Meinertz
Tværpolitiske IT-netværk, Lars Arne Christensen
Tværpolitiske IT-netværk, Rolf Bjerre
Tværpolitiske IT-netværk, Julie Frølich
University of Copenhagen, Bjørn Ole Gjersdal
University of Copenhagen, Carsten Rith
University of Copenhagen, Lisa Rauh
US Embassy, Aleksander Moos
Verint, Morten Hansen
Verint, Paz Ben Nun
Version2, Rune Frederiksen 
Wehowsky.com, Thomas Bernild
Wehowsky.com, Andreas Wehowsky
Wehowsky.com, Jens Christian Roelsen
Wiley X EMEA LLC, Lars Rounborg Rasmussen
Zybersafe, Michael Appelby
Zybersafe, Morten Højer Mathiesen
24syv, Anders Kjærulf

4C Strategies, Anne-Mette Petri 

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Mark Rees-Andersen

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Luke Herbert


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Klaus Bolving

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Peter Sørensen

Chief Operating Officer at CYBERCRYPT - A world immune to cyber attacks - Making software immune to cyber attacks.
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Mads Haastrup

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John Foley

Chief Executive Officer for Private - Public Partnership for Resilience and Cybersecurity
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Jacob Isaksen

Founder and CEO

Klaus Thomsen

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Line Jensen

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