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The Financial Sector

November 15th 2018 12:20 - 13:20

• René Bergman, Head of IT Security Division, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DK)

• Olga Troshkova, Relationship Manager and Security Analyst, Nordic Financial CERT (NO)

•  René Thomsen, Advisor, FSOR Secretariat, Financial Stability (DK)

•  Peter Kruse, Founder and Head of eCrime Unit at CSIS Security Group (DK)

o Panel debate

René Thomsen, Danmarks Nationalbank (DK) avatar
René Thomsen, Danmarks Nationalbank (DK)

René Thomsen is an advisor in Danmarks Nationalbank and responsible for coordinating work in FSOR. He holds a law degree. Before joining Danmarks Nationalbank he worked in the Danish Bankers Association with digitization, cyber security and the critical financial infrastructure. Also he has been wo...
Peter Kruse, CSIS Security Group (DK) avatar
Peter Kruse, CSIS Security Group (DK)

Founder of CSIS Security Group and Head of CSIS eCrime Unit.

Working within Anti-eCrime as a dedicated specialist I often realize that being one step behind requires me to think two steps ahead.

CSIS Security Group A/S has grown to become a major player in the Nordic market as a provider of IT-se...
René Bergman, The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DK)

Director, Head of IT Security Division at Finanstilsynet.

The division for IT Security supervisory together with several other initiatives, is a result of the Danish FSA's strategy by 2020 entitled “Berettiget tillid - Velfungerende finansielle markeder”. Read it when you have time - it’s filled w...
Olga Troshkova, Nordic Financial CERT (NO) avatar
Olga Troshkova, Nordic Financial CERT (NO)

Relationship Manager and Security Analyst at Nordic Financial CERT (NO).

Olga Troshkova is a part of the Incident Response Team in Nordic Financial CERT (NFCERT) since 2015. Additionally, she is responsible for building and maintaining operational relationships with 130 of NFCERT’s members and sta...


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