The Pilot Projects of Municipalities in Transition - What’s been happening?

Saturday 23rd of February 2019,
19:30 - 20:30 CET
Zoom platform

23 February 2019

How to participate

The event will take place on the 23rd of February 2019, from 19:30 until 20:30 in CET time zone (UTC+01) To participate to the event, you need to register first. Once registered, click on the zoom link at the specified date and time (CET). We use the Zoom platform for our video calls (to learn more on the platform click HERE).

Brief Summary

Directly from the Pilot Municipalities in Transition community of Practice, we wanted to share with the Wider Community of Practice the learnings and experiences of the Pilots during the year long period of experimentation with the municipalities in transition project. Taking advantage of being all reunited in a pilot’s meeting and evaluating the project as a whole, being near the end of this social experiment, we thought of organizing this interesting webinar to give everybody a taste of how the project went. This is a wonderful opportunity to bridge the Wider Community of Practice with the Pilot Community of Practice. We highly encourage participants to ask questions and interact with the speakers, the representatives from the Pilots.
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Representatives from MiT Pilots

Representatives from MiT Pilots


In the webinar, representatives from the pilots of the Municipalities in Transition (MiT) project, will share their experiences in their own contexts.

Tommaso Brazzini

Tommaso Brazzini


He joined the municipalities in transition project in february 2018, after an year-long discovering trip in south america among eco-communities and ecovillages. With a past in academic research, a background in science, permaculture practitioner, he is entering the transition movement, enthusiast to be part of the change occurring in communities and in the whole world. At the moment in charge of the Database of the MiT project and co-guardian of the MiT communities of practice.

Nicola Hillary

Nicola Hillary


Nicola is the Funding Manager for Transition Network since 2010. She is also a co-guardian of the Municipalities in Transition communities of practice. Nicola previously worked for BioRegional Development Group, a charity focused on using local resources within a one-planet footprint; and as a fundraising consultant to Stroud Valleys Project and the Ethical Property Foundation.

Series of webinars

This webinar is part of the series Hot topics discussions from the Municipalities in Transition project Wider community of practice, related to the topic of collaboration between municipalities and civil society. To see the full list of the series of webinars click on the link

Peter Gringinger avatar

Peter Gringinger

Pedro Macedo avatar

Pedro Macedo

Member and networker of the global community of change
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Isabella Dourou



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David Takahashi

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