How to Build a Secure and Trusted Omnichannel Brand in Retail Financial Services 

With an increase in the technological innovations, a wide range of channels have evolved which help the interact and deal with their customers .

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Building a Secure & Trusted Omnichannel Brand in Retail Financial Services Could be One Tricky Task

With an increase in technological innovations, wide range of channels have evolved which help banks interact and deal with their customers – from main street branches to mini-branches, ATMs, phones etc. As we are getting used to all this, newer options are cropping up as we move into the age of wearable and computing and the ‘Internet of Things’. This gives you a lot of choices no doubt, but it also complicates the task of offering retail financial services in a high-quality, consistent, and secure manner. If not implemented well, this kind of multi-channel product architecture may cause as many problems as it solves. At stake is customer trust, which, if lost, can quickly lead to low usage, no usage, or even loss of the relationship. Various issues such as security breaches, service unavailability, confusion at the call center etc. may come up. If taken up methodically and holistically, most of these problems can be avoided. However, that’s easier said than done, what’s with budgets, organizational silos, and other constraints that institutions typically have to deal with.

In this session, expert speaker Tom wills will help you have a look at how you can create a practical multichannel product strategy by emphasizing the trust factor as you build up your brand. This essentially means understanding how to secure products across different channels, with the end goal in mind of building an omnichannel brand – that is, providing a consistent customer experience with consistent security, no matter what channel they are using.

Training Objective:

The critical importance of maintaining a trusted brand – and the challenges in doing that as technology and security threats continue to evolve

Why millions of consumers are still staying away from mobile payments and banking

Bank robbery 2.0 and how to think like a black hat hacker

Your top risks to manage in the smartphone world: mobile apps … and customers

A four-point trust and security strategy that will keep your institution in the driver’s seat when dealing with criminal hackers and fraudsters

Who Should Attend

This session will be of most interest to staff and consultants at payment service providers, financial institutions, and retailers with responsibility for product/service delivery, fraud mitigation, or information systems (security, or overall management). Vendors, regulators, and industry analysts may also find the session to be of interest.

Attendee titles may include (but are not limited to): Analyst, Manager, Director, or VP of: Product Management, Customer Service, Operations, Information Systems, Risk Management, Fraud, or Security.

From: June 26, 2014 01:00
To: June 26, 2014 02:00



Banking, Finance, Investing, Accounting, Business


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