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15-16 May 2014 at Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Business, Economics

HR Minds 15-16 May 2014 Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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In the 21st century’s unfollowable pacing economic climate, businesses have to drive new ways of working, react quickly and efficiently, and so it is essential for HR to do the same. Organisational readiness has become the biggest competitive advantage and HR has become the leader of this transformation. We are saying goodbye to the old methods of seeing the relationship of Finance and HR, putting the emphasis on flexibility and efficiency instead of cost-cutting initials. With the 24/7 pace of constant meetings, incoming calls and mails, people tend to feel like they are kept from doing their real works, and this is where HR comes to the scene. While feeling tested every moment, employees need to adapt to new working practices and feel engaged to the corporate’s objectives. As the biggest asset today is the power of human capital, leaders are to be found at every level of the organization, mostly driven by job satisfaction when it comes to production and creativity. The will to win The Talent War has become a key business priority, while corporates have to update internal methods of work with the technological breakthroughs of today to stay in the game.

Key Takeaways

Acquire an understanding of key global trends in HR transformation today

Compare the methods of the „Lost Generation of HR” to the ones of the „Nextgen”

Update your strategy both at individual and organisational level

Gain insights to how competition has changed due to the incredible pace of digitalisation

Making sure your workforce strategy is best fitting to future challenges

Hear tips for how HR can adapt its tools to the ever changing business strategy

Pick up techniques for workforce planning to meet tomorrow’s requirements

Gain insights into latest regulations that are affecting your workforce strategy

Creating internal and external engagement and trust

Hear ways of maintaining the unique culture of the small enterprises while developing and growing rapidly

See the methods how modern organizations plan to attract, secure and teach talent in the following years

Identifying and Mentoring the right potential future leaders

Re-thinking traditional corporate budgeting

Understand what drives human performance

Building a culture of innovation

Who Should Attend

Specialist Area

EMEA HR Director

HR Director Europe

Senior Vice President HR

Vice President HR

European Resourcing Director

Human Capital Director

Chief People Officer

Global HR Director

Group HR Director

Group EMEA HR Director

EMEA People Director

European HR Director

Head of Talent Management

VP Compensation & Benefits

From: May 15, 2014 08:25
To: May 16, 2014 17:20

Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna, 16 Rennweg, 1030, Vienna, Austria


Business, Economics

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