Hunyuan Xinfa (heart method) conference

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Health depends on a deep connection to life, to the source of vitality. In our quest to help, to relieve symptoms, to get results, to perfect our techniques, this simple truth becomes overshadowed by our efforts to become a better practitioner.

Focusing only on technique, only on results, what is the real outcome as we develop our skills?

If we are successful in our techniques then we may see quicker symptom relief. But is that all there is to it?

What if there was another way to approach medicine? A way that begins with the quiet space inside, the place of knowing before words, the subtle impetus before each worldly action.

In finding this space inside ourselves, we rest in a calm and nurturing state that sustains us in our practice, fills us with hope for our patients' recovery, and gives us the language and the understanding to practice from a place of deep wisdom. We access the wellspring of knowledge that sustained our ancestor practitioners, compelling us to develop into the future from an unshakable foundation.

Practicing with Xinfa heart method means less external doing, less activity, less busy-ness. Through this deeper place inside we then connect with our patients. In this way, less is required in order to achieve more; more efficacy, more results. Joining our patients in the discovery of the heart, we are both guide and fellow traveler. The humbling journey reveals to us the enormous capacity of each individual, and the meaning of what it is to truly heal.

From: June 20, 2014 06:30
To: June 23, 2014 17:00

Audubon Nature Sanctuary, Audubon Nature Sanctuary, 06807, Greenwich, United States


Medical & Health Care, Health & Fitness


acupuncture, chinese medicine, heart method

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