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The Illustration Conference

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The national Illustration Conference, ICON, is committed to providing a forum for an ongoing dialogue that serves the illustration, design, publishing, advertising, and academic communities. Its purpose is to provide a platform for the most influential illustrators and industry leaders to address, in a timely manner, the most pervasive issues facing the profession. Illustration Conference (ICON) is a 501 C-6 nonprofit organization of illustrators and is an entity in itself. ICON remains the only national conference specifically for illustrators and the graphic arts community providing an unprecedented forum for the creativity, inspiration and drive that captivates the profession.


Over 50 Illustrators, Designers, Art Directors, Educators, Reps, Publishers, and Makers will inform and entertain you from our main stage. Many more to be announced.


The ICON8 ROADSHOW is a pop-up event and marketplace showcasing the work and wares of over 60 exhibiting illustrators and artisans. Book signings, installations, and unusual books and handmade objects will all play a role in this high energy, exciting evening Opening Night cocktail event at the Portland Art Museum! Interested in applying?


The worst kept secret at ICON8 is the stellar roster of awesome that is packed into 20 rapid-fire slides in five-minute segments. Julie Murphy, Andy J. Miler, Lisa Brown, Mike Kerr and Renata Liwska? Yes! How amazing is that? Massive thanks to Abe Vizcarra and Susie Ghahremani for curating a stage full of talent that is sure to to arouse discussion and debate.


Exploring the future of illustration July 9 at PNCA

The ICON8 Educator's Symposium celebrates new and innovative methodologies for teaching illustration in the 21st Century. This two-part event at the Pacific Northwest College of Art features a presentation of papers by a global selection of noted educators, and a round-table discussion on traditional and online learning.

Smart Image, Social Impact: Teaching Illustration and Design Responsibility for Social Change and Innovation

Looking Towards Illustration as a Hybrid Practice

Moving Forward by Looking Back: Emphasizing the History of Illustration in a 21st Century Curriculum

Women in Illustration: The Art of Inclusion in Illustration History

Space. Time. Continuum? The Principles of Constructing the Illustrative Gag Within the Parameters of Comic Expression

Art Making to Art Thinking: New Paradigms for Illustration Education

Stop ‘illustrating’ and Start Making Work


Illustration as an Art Form


Restructuring and Developing an Effective Illustration Program

Bits and Pages; Online Illustration for New Editorial Formats

The Classroom in the 21st Century Community: The Illustration Student as Creative Collaborator and Entrepreneur in Beleagured Cities and Communities

Educating Illustrators in the 21st Century

Mapping Color

Illustrated Journalism: from Cave Paintings to Interactive Non-Fiction and Why the Medium's Time is Now.

Hello New Media

Bringing the Archive into the Digital Classroom

ICON brings together top illustrators, designers, educators, representatives, and art buyers to explore The Future of Illustration.