Information and Communication Technology and Insurance - ICTI 2016

1-3 Jun 2016, Croatia

Information and Communication Technology and Insurance Conference ICTI 2016 organized by the Croatian Institute for Insurance and Svijet osiguranja journal

Dear colleagues and friends,

welcome to a unique ICTI community, platform created just for you with the main objective of encouraging your communication, networking, exchange of ideas and experience before, at and after the ICTI 2016 conference.

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Yuliana Barić
· 4 years ago
What topics should be covered at ICTI 2016 conference?

ICTI is the biggest gathering of IT experts in insurance sector in the region and an excellent opportunity for finding out about technological novelties, speaking of news and business activities of regional insurance companies and legislative changes, as well as networking and socializing with colleagues from the industry. 

According to the delegate structure, the conference is mostly attended by board members, directors of IT sectors and IT experts, managers of sales and claim processing in insurance companies, banks, pension agencies and funds, state health insurance funds. However the conference is also intended for all those whose daily work depends on information and communication technologies and its rapid growth.

Beside the two days of excellent lectures, workshops and round tables, the conference also offers rich entertainment – cocktails, excursions,  musical evening, that make for an ideal chance for networking and deepening your contacts in the IT world.

This community will help you keep track of the conference, as well as stay in touch with colleagues and great friends before, at and after the conference.

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