IEEE 2014 Conference Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century

24-26 Jun 2014 at Boston, Boston, United States

Technology, Computer Science

IEEE 2014 Conference Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century 24-26 Jun 2014 Boston, Boston, United States
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Several important application areas of Norbert Wiener’s work are expected to dominate at least the next decade, and the unpredictable nature of these application domains can potentially result in near break down conditions such as traffic jams, stock market crashes and wars to mention a few. The technical and social forefronts include threats to global communication networks, intellectual property, and personal privacy. Cybernetic methods relevant for addressing challenging problems arising in these domains need to be refined and expanded to meet the changing needs of the 21st century from a disciplinary to an adaptive multidisciplinary approach.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is gathering scientists, engineers, and tech professionals from around the world to commemorate Norbert Wiener's life and work providing a fresh look at the revolutionary science that has shaped every aspect of our daily life. It aims at bringing together the methods that will require further research and development in order to appropriately address these application domains and to offer methods of studying and applying the works of Norbert Wiener in holistic-oriented, system-of-systems (SoS) based decision-oriented practices.

From: June 24, 2014 08:00
To: June 26, 2014 20:00

Boston, Boston, United States


Technology, Computer Science

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