“The world is a stage, the stage is a world of entertainment.” Howard Dietz

A sign of civilized society, entertainment is as old as civilization itself. The Romans had gladiator fights, Indians had their dice games, the Greeks had their celebrations and sporting events, and the Egyptians had their musical instruments. An integral part of the process of creating an ambiance, people rely heavily on different forms of entertainment to escape the daily humdrum of life. Over the years, forms of entertainment have undergone a sea change and in the present context, change is so frequent that to keep updated is difficult.
A lot of many industries rely on the latest entertainment technology to bring unique experiences to people. From hospitality, retail, music academies and restaurants to theatres, cinemas, event management companies, and fitness studios, everyone has their own application for entertainment-based high-tech devices. For any business, it is hard to keep ahead of the latest industry developments, or when they know, to get their hands on the latest technology conveniently.

Indian Media & Entertainment Industry is a sunrise sector for the economy and Gujarat is taking giant strides by investing in it to outshine. In 63rd National Film Awards, Gujarat won the most film-friendly state award and was appreciated enough for their generous yet resilient crowd. Gujjus are always up for commendable visual treats and roping in popular faces to lure their viewers. They always strive to be tech-forward to touch different horizons in this industry.

For a group of entrepreneurs who are driven by a passion for everything related to entertainment and with close ties with the industry, creating a hub where buyers and sellers could converge to meet mutual demands was the natural progression of things.
Thus was born IET (Indian Entertainment Technology) Expo. This is an Annual Exhibition to be organized by Encompassment Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd., poised to bring all stakeholders together. The inaugural exhibition to be held from 13th - 15th March 2020 at Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Center, Ahmedabad; found the right spot in Gujarat with a surge in entertainment-related industry, receptivity towards new technology and also a perfect location in terms of distance from smaller cities with growing awareness and spending power.

“Always Stay Ahead in the entertainment tech-exploration game with us”

Enhance and accelerate your minds in the merrymaking industry to feed your tech-hungry souls with our exceptional and noteworthy innovations display. Everything from Audio systems, Lighting, Lasers & Stage Systems, Audio-Visual Systems, and Home Audio, Video and Automation Systems under one roof, it is the place to be seen and heard at for both buyers and sellers.

Get ready to groove and move in this Exuberant Expo!

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