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Using Reverse Engineering to Up Your Security Game

June 10th 2017 20:00 - 20:45

: Once an obscure skill relegated to the ranks of elite hackers and security researchers, reverse engineering has made its way into the mainstream. This presentation will provide concrete examples of how reverse engineering can be leveraged to “up your security game”. After providing a brief survey of the tools and techniques employed when performing software reverse engineering, the presentation will delve into real case studies where the presenter has used reversing to accomplish objectives in the field. Case studies will include:
analyzing malware to perform damage assessments in incidence response cases
penetration testing of products to identify weaknesses prior to deployment
keeping vendors honest by confirming implemented functionality is as marketed
Although the presentation will be highly technical, it will aim to provide something for everyone. Whether you’re just getting your start in CTFs or you’re a pro pen-tester, reversing can help you up your game and advance past “scan monkey” status.

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Karim Nathoo

Karim Nathoo (@KarimNathoo: ) is the co-founder of the government focused COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference that takes place annually in Ottawa, Canada. Karim is also a freelance computer security consultant providing specialized security services to government, ...


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