IMC 2011 : Internet Measurement Conference 2011

2-4 Nov 2011 at Somewhere

Internet, Technology

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The eleventh Internet Measurement Conference is a three day event focusing on all aspects of measurement-based research pertaining to today's Internet. Building on the success of past IMCs, we invite submissions of papers that contribute to our understanding of all aspects related to the Internet through the collection, analysis, or visualization of all types of network-related measurements. Examples of relevant topics are:

* Internet traffic and topology measurement
* Internet-oriented wireless, and mobility measurement
* Internet performance measurements
* Inter-domain and intra-domain routing
* Measurement-based network management such as traffic engineering
* Network applications such as multimedia streaming, gaming and on-line social networks
* Measurement of sensing applications, including home networking and green networking
* Measurements of content distribution, peer-to-peer, overlay, and social networks
* Internet data-specific issues, including anonymization, querying, and storage
* Measurement-based inference of network properties and structures
* Design of and experiences with new monitoring systems
* Algorithms for network measurements, including sampling and statistical inference methods
* Network anomaly detection and troubleshooting
* Software tools for analyzing and visualizing high-volume Internet-related datasets
* Measurement related to network security and privacy
* Measurement-based assessment of simulation/testbeds
* Measurement-based modeling and workload generation
* Reappraisal of previous measurement findings
* Measurement related to data centers and the cloud
* Measurement of technological and socio-economic aspects of networking
* Relevant end-host and end-user measurements

Papers that do not in some fashion relate to measuring aspects of the Internet or Internet-like systems are out of scope. Moreover, papers describing original ideas and novel validation methods will be given preference over submissions that report on incremental improvements of the existing state-of-the-art. Authors can contact the Program Co-Chairs for clarification at if they are unsure whether their paper is in scope.

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Internet, Technology