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August 5th 2019 00:00 - 00:00
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ory Parnell, COO, and Jim Marty, CEO, of Bridge West will discuss the significant tax and accounting issues that affect your cannabis business and address the most effective ways to be compliant and have better tax results. Jim and Cory have invaluable experience in the cannabis industry and together with their team of more than 100 professional advisors have guided over 200 U.S. and international cannabusinesses through a very challenging business and regulatory environment with ever-evolving issues. They specialize in a full range of services for the industry, including preparing audited financial statements, minimizing the effects of IRS 280E, assisting clients through IRS audits, cash management, internal controls, and inventory controls and costing. Jim and Cory are active lobbyists and clients benefit from their insights into the current administration’s perspectives on the cannabis industry. Take-aways for conference attendees include greater insight into the intricate technical aspects of accounting and tax issues in the cannabis industry, and a deeper understanding of the unique ways in which the industry is affected by the IRS Audits and current accounting standards. We look forward to sharing our combined experience with attendees in order to help them grow healthy, profitable, and compliant cannabis businesses, and plan for the future.

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