INC.UBATOR + Wantrepreneurial Young Entrepreneurs Conference

31 Jul - 2 Aug 2015, Austin, United States

Come join us this July in Austin, TX for a young entrepreneurs conference. With industry panels, shark-tank pitches and more , you won't leave empty handed.

Kristen Hadeed


Proud founder of @studentmaidinc and speaker at @CAMPUSPEAK

Stacey Ferreira


20. Co-founder of @my_socialcloud. Co-Author of @2billionunder20. I'm mostly online && when not, always convincing people to cage-dive. Tech | Biz | Music

Kim Kaupe

Kim Kaupe


Co-Founder at @ZinePak, Previously at @CondeNast, Full-Time Gators Fan, and believer in big dreams & ideas.

John H. Meyer


Founder, CEO of TapMedia, iPhone/Mac and Android Application Developer, Technology Entrepreneur, President, @DevFund ★ ☆

Kathryn Minshew

Kathryn Minshew


Founder @DailyMuse, globe trotter, dark chocolate addict. Forbes 30-under-30 & INC 15 women to watch in tech. I get things done.

Marcella Jewell


Designer, acrobat, philosopher, programmer turned entrepreneur. CEO @OpenCampusTeam


Brian Sheng

Managing Partner at Fresh VC
Scott Baker avatar

Scott Baker

CEO of HomeRide, Co-Founder of Soldier Spirit


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Aaron Easaw
· 5 years ago
What is the biggest challenge young entrepreneurs are facing today?

The Details:
Our mission at INC.UBATOR and Wantrepreneurial is to instill in young people the idea that they control their future, and can direct their careers and their lives in a way that is most meaningful to them. We want to provide that platform to turn passions into realistic working opportunities.

Entrepreneurship has developed from a luxury to a necessity, andyoung people in all corners of the globe must create their own opportunities. Conference breakout sessions explain how to build a powerful personal brand, procure paid speaking gigs, best utilize social media, write a book, run for office, build a network, change the world, so on and so forth – attendees can pick and choose the areas they want help in or are more interested in.

The conference will consist of inspiring keynote speeches from household-name moguls, dynamic panel discussions, breakout sessions, ‘Shark-Tank’ style pitches, evening activities, and so much more to create a networking opportunity different than all others. Entrepreneurial leaders in industries like entertainment and technology are sharing their stories with you– the biggest names in every field offering open-sourced mentorship. Attendees will be exposed to the most exciting careers and most innovative products. Trailblazers and groundbreakers in social impact and brand management reveal the tricks of their trade.

Here are some orginizations where our speakers come from:


What age group is this conference for?
Ages 16-30!

Is the hotel room covered?
The hotel room is not apart of this pass, but in the near future we will publish a discounted rate for our attendees.
The more pass holders we have signed up, the lower the overall room rate will be. 

Do people need to already have a startup idea/team before they come to conference?
Not at all! If you have a passion, an idea, or just want to find one, Wantrepreneurial is for you.

Can I update my registration information?
Yes up to 3 weeks before the event.  

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Yes, please bring your printed ticket to the event in exchange for your conference pass.

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