innovationWEEK / KEAweek

5-9 May 2014, København, Danmark

KEAweek is an annual week long event for everybody at KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technolog. The theme in 2014 will be "Innovation".

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KEAweek is an interdisciplinary week where KEA students and lecturers take a break from everyday life and challenges conventional thinking within a wide range of activities developed across disciplines.

KEA Week will become an annual event, which will be held for the first time in 2014 with the theme ‘Innovation’. The theme will change from year to year. KEA Week has been inspired by KEA’s past successes, such as KEA Charette and ECOWEEK – New Nordic Living.

KEAweek 2014 will be a huge, complex project, which will involve over 3000 KEA students participating in various activities from May 4th – May 11th.

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