International Conference Giant Offshore Windturbines

First hand experience, technical challenges and design properties for multi MW turbines

Engineering, Technology

International Conference Giant Offshore Windturbines 24-26 Nov 2014 Bremen Swissôtel, Bremen, Germany
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• State of the art of current multi MW offshore wind turbine prototypes
• Park owners' view on future offshore requirements and outstanding projects
• Test and certification requirements to guarantee reliability throughout the lifetime
• Challenges for transport and installation of multi MW turbines
• Requirements and advanced solutions for key components

13 case studies and insights from the following companies and institutes:
• Alstom Renewable Germany
• BLG Logistics Solutions GmbH and Co KG
• DTU Wind Energy
• EUROS Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
• KNK Wind GmbH
• MHI VestasOffshore Wind A/S
• RWE Innogy GmbH
• Siemens Wind Power A/S
• Universal Foundation
• V attenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH
• Siemens AG - Winergy
• X EMC Darwind B.V.

Bronze Package 2 day conference: € 2.549,- + VAT

Speakers: Rasmus Lund - Program Manager - Siemens Wind Power A/S - Denmark, Heiner Straub - Senior Project Manager Nordsee Ost - RWE Innogy GmbH - Germany, Henrik Baek Jorgensen - Head of Product Management - MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S - Denmark, Hinnerk Maxl - Project Manager Installation Logistics Sandbank - Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH - Germany, Kees Versteegh - CTO - XEMC Darwind B.V. - The Netherlands