International Conference in Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Engineering - ICCECE, 2014

ICCECE, 2014

Computer Science, Communications

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International Conference in Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Engineering - ICCECE, 2014 aims to provide a forum and a vibrant platform for researchers and industry practitioners to share their original research work and practical experience. This conference sponsored by IRD India and supported by Modern Engineering & Management Studies (MEMS). The conference aims to bring together distinguished researchers, practitioners, educators, entrepreneurs and experts around the world and share their experience and expertise for the benefit of mankind. ICCECE-2014 is organised to connect theory and practice and to explore methods of application of research findings in a down to earth angle.

ICCECE-2014 provides a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the latest developments, in the fields of Science, Engineering, Business and Disaster Management. The conference will address recent issues and focused upon, look for significant contributions to advanced engineering studies in theoretical and practical aspects. There will be key note speeches, invited lectures, paper presentations, Poster presentation and audience participation during the conference.

Original Research Papers are welcomed from the following and related areas.....

Topics of Interest

Electrical Engineering

Analysis of power quality and system stability

Battery Management System

Circuits and Electronics

Computer Relaying

Electric Energy Processing

Electromagnetic and Photonics

Electro-optical phenomena of semiconductors and techniques of

Integrated optics and electro-optics devices

Microwave and millimeter circuit and antenna

Power Electronics

Power IC

Remote control and techniques of GPS

Solar Power Generation

Techniques of laser and applications of electro-optics

Wind Power Generation

Electronics Engineering

3D Semiconductor Device Technology

Adaptive Signal Processing

Advanced Electromagnetics

Characterization of High-frequency Properties of Devices

Component Technology of MEMS

Compound Semiconductor Physics and Devices

Device Electronics for I.C

Computer Science and Information Engineering

AI and Computational Intelligence


Communications and Control

Computer Security

Computer structure

Computational Theory

Embedded Systems

High-Performance Computing

Internet and multimedia systems

Encoding programs of parallel algorithm and vectors

Fault tolerance and computation theories

Database and Data Mining

Mobile Computing

Network Security and Cryptography

Multimedia Networking

Mobile Wireless Networks

Wireless Sensor Network

Network Simulation and Modeling

Embedded system


Computer Science Engineering

Algorithm/protocol design and analysis

Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications

Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models

Artificial Intelligence

Broadband wireless technologies

Cloud Computing and Applications

Collaborative applications

Communication architectures for pervasive computing

Communication and Networking Systems

Computer and microprocessor-based control

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

Computer Vision

Computer Science and Its applications

Database Theory and Application

Data Base Management System

Data Mining

Decision making

Digital signal processing theory

Distributed Sensor Networks

Distributed Computing

Distributed and cooperative control systems

Evolutionary computing and intelligent systems

Expert approaches

Fault tolerance and diagnostics

GPS and location-based applications

Grid Networking/ Computing

High performance computing, Parallel processing

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Image analysis and processing

Information and data security

Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services & Applications

Mobile Computing and Applications

Multimedia Communications

Network Modeling and Simulation

Network Performance; Protocols; Sensors

Networking theory and technologies

Open Models and Architectures

Pattern Recognition

Perception and semantic interpretation

Quality of service (QoS) and quality of performance (QoP)

Real-time information systems

Routing, Medium access control (MAC)

Security Technology and Information Assurance

Soft Computing

Software Engineering & Its Applications

Software systems and communication systems

Signal Control System & Processing

Speech interface; Speech processing

Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing

Vision-based applications

Web Technologies

Wireless technology

Computational intelligence

Computational complexity

Theoretical computer science

Computational biology

Medical Informatics

Grid and scalable computing

IT policy and business management