International Conference on Social Sciences

The International Conference on Social Sciences is an Interdisciplinary Conference which aims to bring together scholars, researchers and graduate students to exchange and share their...

Social Sciences, Education & Learning

International Conference on Social Sciences 19-20 Sep 2014 Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
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The International Conference on Social Sciences is an Interdisciplinary Conference which aims to bring together scholars, researchers and graduate students to exchange and share their experiences and research work and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in this field. ICSS 2014, International Conference on Social Sciences, will be held at ICCV Research Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy in Bucharest on 19-20 September 2014. The accepted articles will be published in the journals with impact factor as well as in conference proceedings with ISBN. The deadline for abstract is 31 May 2014 and for Full Paper is 27 June 2014.


Any topic which is related to Social Sciences will be accepted. The following areas are some examples but not limited to; Sociology, Psychology, Curriculum, Technology, Globalization, Multiculturalism, Child, Family, General Issues, Projects, Methodology, Higher Education, Art, Culture, Philology, Research, etc.

Social Sciences

Family & marriage

Social network analysis

Social reintegration problems

Gender politics and discourses

Issues of identity and globalization

Disability and integration problems

Studies on organizations, work and profession

Social services and support for vulnerable groups

New social disparities/social and economic change

Inclusive classrooms and curriculum considerations

Social services and support for vulnerable categories

Social accountability, collective behavior and social movements

Researches on psychology of education, social, health, organizational studies

Guidance in psychological counseling in education institutions and more wide

Psycho-social development and its impact on individual and collective well-being

Business Management

Energy and Economy

Finance and Banking


History today

Cultural trends

Translation today

Applied linguistics

Children's literature

History and tradition

Language acquisition

Theoretical linguistics

Literature in global age

Linguistics perspectives

Language and Education

History, debate and discourse

Modernism and postmodernism

Anthropology, culture and society

History and tradition in regional countries

Geography (human, urban, regional, political aspects)

Current language education issues and sustainable solutions

Studies on foreign languages, English, Italian, German, French. etc.

Development of geography in context of technological development


Ethics in research

Innovations and creativity

Research and innovations in education

Research, challenges and opportunities

Research studies in developing countries

Reform of scientific journals, a challenge to be overcome

Achievements and challenges for research studies in region

Experiences in Education

Educational Trends and Best Practice Contributions

Enhancing Learning and the Undergraduate Experience

Learning Experiences in Primary and Secondary School

Learning Experiences in Higher and Further Education

Vocational Training

Lifelong Learning

Workplace Training

Transferring Skills and Disciplines

Curriculum Design and Development

Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation

European Higher Education Area: The Bologna Declaration and ECTS Experiences

Educational Management

Educational and Training Staff

Pre-service Teacher Experiences

Pedagogical Innovations in Education

Learning and Teaching Methodologies

Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning

New Learning/Teaching Models

Language Learning Innovations

Collaborative and Problem-based Learning

Tutoring and Coaching

International Projects

New Experiences for the International Cooperation

Project Outcomes and Conclusions

University Networks

Exchange Programmes and Erasmus Experiences

The Internationalization of Universities

General Issues

Education and Globalization

Impact of Education on Development

Planning Digital-Age School

Organizational, Legal, Policy and Financial Issues

Barriers to Learning (age, psychosocial factors, ethnicity...)

Access to Internet: Advances and Problems

Diversity Issues, Women and Minorities

Student Support in Education

Pedagogy, curriculum and instruction:

Pedagogy, curriculum and instruction

Education is the key to a better future

New methods in teaching and learning

Evaluation and assessment in education

New technologies in teaching and learning

Curriculum development-Finish experience

Education challenges and development for the future

Achievements and challenges in the development of ICT in education, in Albania, region and beyond it.

Essential skill sets: creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, technological proficiency and global awareness

Higher Education

Higher education in our region

Quality assurance in higher education

Challenges of quality standards in education

Improvement of standards in higher education

Research studies in institutions of higher education

Global trends of development of non public education

Academic freedom, autonomy and social responsibility

Policies, good governance and leadership in higher education

Accreditation and measuring performance in higher education of the region

Participations of higher education institutions in international/regional scientific projects

Information and Communication Technology

ICT in education

ICT in society

ICT in humanities

ICT in economy

ICT in medicine

ICT in applicative sciences

Electronics engineering research

Information society, knowledge society

e business, e commerce, e government, e learning, e participation, e democracy

Arts & Culture:

History of Art

Heritage in art

Arts in general

Arts & Education

Development of arts & culture in region, in front of global development