Iron Ore Beneficiation & Processing Fundamentals

A Technical Introduction for Investors & Industry Newcomers

25 Sep 2014 at Karratha, Karratha, Australia

Energy and Power, Mining

Iron Ore Beneficiation & Processing Fundamentals 25 Sep 2014 Karratha, Karratha, Australia
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Learn about the properties of hematite & magnetite, their processing requirements, & what makes them a saleable iron ore thats of market quality & meets customer requirement. Key Learning Outcomes Appreciate the formation of iron ores and how this determines their properties Understand the impact of impurities on downstream users and understand why some ores are sellable and some are not Explain the chemical and physical properties of ores that customers need Review the major types of iron ore and their characteristics which allow them to be upgraded Examine the major methods of upgrading hematite and magnetite ores Compare the likely capital and operating costs of each upgrading process Review the factors which might lead to a successful project Compare practical processing projects from around the world IDEAL for those who need to understand which features of an iron ore body are important from a processing and end-user perspective About the Course The users of iron ore have a number of specific characteristics they are looking for. This means that while iron ore is a bulk commodity the market for some ores is very limited. The course is designed to explain what the users of iron ore are looking for in both physical and chemical properties and how processing the ore can create the necessary properties. Participants will look at the typical types of iron ore deposits and how each may be processed to achieve a sellable product. It will also outline the process routes to treat both hematite and magnetite and demonstrate the benefits of each type of material. There will be a particular emphasis on magnetite which almost always needs processing to reach a satisfactory grade. Test work programs that need to be developed for each type of ore and how they impact on the design will also be covered.

Speaker: Brian

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From: September 25, 2014 09:00
To: September 25, 2014 17:00

Karratha, 6714, Karratha, Australia


Energy and Power, Mining

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