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Architecting for a Scalable Enterprise

October 14th 2015 15:30 - 16:20

From RS-232 to iSCSI, kilobytes to terabytes or RAM, 8 bit 4MHz to multicore 64 bit 4GHz CPUs with 3 layers of cache. Things are changed in the last 30 years and will go one changing. Even 15 years ago we were only just discovering JMS, J2EE and, oh yes those awful EJB things. Where will today’s buzzword-centric technologies take us, ESBs, SOAs, NoSQL, RDBMS, IMDB, MicroServices, Cloud, which of them will survive?  No one knows for sure but John certainly has plenty of opinions and a good deal of experience from the last 20 years as a global enterprise architect in major investment banks and director of NASDAQ companies. It’s not all one way, come along and participate with your views.

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John T Davies

Entrepreneur, father of 3 young boys, husband to @r_vogeleisen, director/co-founder of Incept5 & C24, keen photographer, über-geek, travel a lot, 160 chars yet?


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