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Designing and Operating User-Centered Digital Services

October 12th 2015 09:00 - 17:00

With software eating the world, 21st-century business increasingly depends on IT, not just for operational efficiency, but for its very existence. In a highly disruptive service economy, IT-driven businesses must continually adapt to ever-changing customer needs and market demands. To power the adaptive organization, IT needs to become a medium for continuous, empathic customer conversations. 

This workshop teaches participants how to design and operate systems and organizations that help businesses create value through customer empathy. It introduces them to the theory and practice of Continuous Design, a cross-functional practice that interconnects marketing, design, development, and operations into a circular design/operations loop. Continuous Design incorporates 21st-century design and IT methodologies within a comprehensive framework focused on helping customers accomplish their business and personal goals. 

Participants learn how to:

• align software designs with operational, business, and customer needs

• maximize quality throughout the design, development, and operations lifecycle 

• create highly resilient and adaptable systems, practices, and organizations

The workshop takes the form of a day-long, interdisciplinary seminar consisting of talks, group discussions, and guided exercises. It takes place in two sessions: Introduction to Continuous Design and Applying Continuous Design.

Morning – Introduction to Continuous Design: this session introduces the principles of Continuous Design. It grounds those principles in the historical, philosophical, and economic underpinnings that link methodologies such as Design Thinking, Agile, DevOps, and Lean. By providing a strong theoretical grounding in new ways of knowing, this session gives participants the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of specific tools and practices, and to continually adapt them to meet their own needs and constraints. 

Afternoon – Applying Continuous Design: this session introduces a concrete methodology for applying Continuous Design to real-world problems. It presents a holistic approach to defining and achieving software service quality, and explains how to use the Continuous Design methodology to align one’s entire design, development, and operations process with that approach. This session guides participants in exploring how to use Continuous Design to improve their ability to deliver high-quality, user-centered IT.

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Jeff Sussna

IT Service Innovation Consultant. Practitioner of Service Design / Behavior-Driven Development / Continuous Delivery / DevOps / Cloud Computing.


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