DevOps and the Cloud: All Hail the (Developer) King! image

DevOps and the Cloud: All Hail the (Developer) King!

October 14th 2015 12:20 - 13:10

Last year we talked about DevOps, what it was, why it was important and how to get started. Boy, was it scary. Now we’re wiser. More battle-scarred. The scale of the challenge for application writers exploiting cloud and DevOps is clearer, but so is the path forward. Understanding the DevOps approach is important but equally you must understand specific deployment technologies. How to exploit them and how they effect the design of applications. Whether creating simple applications or sophisticated microservice architectures many of the challenges are the same.

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Steve Poole

Software Engineer at IBM
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Daniel Bryant

Musings from a Software Development Consultant who strives for Clean Code, TDD and automated DevOps. Current obsessions include Java, Spring, MongoDB and Solr


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