DevOps, what should you decide, when, why & how? image

DevOps, what should you decide, when, why & how?

October 13th 2015 10:15 - 11:05

Its fascinating to see how Ops has evolved from traditional IT Ops to DevOps and how it is justifying the businesses it is ROI. Having worked at a tier 1 investment bank with a huge infra and now running an IT agency focused on small to medium enterprises where project ranges from few hundred thousand dollars to a few million, the choices one has to make while deciding DevOps stack are very critical to successfully deliver and going forward to support the product.

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Vinita Rathi

Hands on Web and Mobi Apps developer,
Co Founder http://CodePunt.Today, Swift London Dev Community, Systango, Director @WWCLondon. Ex VP Goldman Sachs.


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