Smoothing the continuous delivery path – a tale of two teams image

Smoothing the continuous delivery path – a tale of two teams

October 13th 2015 11:40 - 12:10

Continuous Delivery is gaining recognition as a best practice, but adopting it and iteratively improving it is challenging. Given the diversity of teams and architectures that do Continuous Delivery well (consider Etsy’s monolith compared with Netflix’s 600+ services) it’s clear that there is no single, golden path.

This is the story of how two very different teams successfully practice and improve Continuous Delivery. Both teams were sizeable (more than five features teams) and mature in their use of agile and lean practices. One team chose Scala, mongodb, Docker and microservices, on a greenfield project. The other faced the constraints of legacy code, .Net, MySQL, Windows, and a monolithic architecture.

This session will explore the lessons learnt by each team by looking at the blockers and accelerators they each encountered. We’ll also explore shared patterns, problems and solutions and the ever present impact of Conway’s Law.

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Lyndsay Prewer


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