Workshop on Low Latency logging and replay image

Workshop on Low Latency logging and replay

October 12th 2015 09:00 - 17:00

A workshop for beginners to advanced developers on how to write and read data efficiently in Java. The workshop will cover the following:

An advanced review of how the JVM really uses memory.
what are references.what is compressed are the fields in an object laid out.
Using Maven to build a project using Chronicle.
setting up a simple maven project.using modules from maven central.assembling a maven build.
How do memory mapped files work on Windows and Linux.
storing data in a memory mapped file.sharing data between JVMs via memory mapped files.
What is Unsafe and how does it work.
using Unsafe to see the contents of an object in memory.using Unsafe to access native memory.
Writing and read data to a Chronicle Queue.
using raw bytes.using a wire format.
Designing a system with low latency persisted IPC.
simple order matching system example.
Advanced content will be added into the early sessions to keep advanced user interested and the later topic will have pre-built working examples to build on.

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Peter Lawrey

Innovative developer of high performance Java Systems for competitive advantage.


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