Joining Technologies for Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials

Showcasing new developments in joining technology for FRP composite materials, identify key advances, and highlight technology gaps.

8 May 2014 at Warwick, Warwick, United Kingdom

Manufacturing, Construction & Building

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Fibre-reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) are being used by designers and specifiers alike for their lightweighting properties. Inevitably, this leads to the need to join FRPs, not only onto steel or timber, but also onto other FRP components. A joint can be a structure’s weakest link and therefore is not only a potential area of failure but is essentially a source of extra weight which can lessen the initial lightweighting benefits of using FRP. What is the right method to join components, and can joints be designed to form part of the structure rather than an additional piece?

The aim of this event is to showcase new developments in joining technology for FRP composite materials, identify key advances, and highlight technology gaps that require further research investment.


Morning session: Joining Technologies for Aerospace and Automotive

09:30 Introduction from NetComposites Ltd
Ben Hargreaves, NetComposites
09:40 Multi-Material Joining: Addressing the Challenges of High Volume Manufacturing
Darren Hughes, WMG
10:05 Advances in Structural Adhesives
Gavin Creech, Scott Bader Company Ltd
10:30 Novel Lightweight Polypropylene and Hybrid Composite Structures for Automotive Applications Made Possible Using a New Thermoplastic Adhesive
Keith Fawdington, Gluco Technology Limited
10:55 BREAK
11:15 Electric Curing of Nanocarbon/Epoxy Adhesives for Composite Repair
Juan José Vilatela, IMDEA Materials
11:40 Surface Structured Bonded Composite-Metal Joints
Vincenzo Di Giandomenico, Cranfield University
12:05 Reformed Carbon Fibre Materials for Energy Absorbing Joints
Jamie Snudden, ACCIS, University of Bristol
12:30 Carbon Fibre SMC with Embedded Metal Insert for Automotive Application
Corentin Pasco, Cranfield University

Afternoon session: Joining Technologies for Construction

12:55 LUNCH & Registration for afternoon delegates
14:00 Introduction from NetComposites Ltd
Ben Hargreaves, NetComposites
14:10 Single-and-Double-Lap Bolted Joints in Pultruded (GFRP) Composite Plate
Geoffrey Turvey, Lancaster University
14:35 Partial Factor for Bearing Failure in Bolted Connections for Pultruded Shapes
Navroop Matharu, University of Warwick
15:00 Minimising use of Steel Bolts in Joints of Trusses made from Pultruded GRP
Nick Maclean, Ecos Maclean
15:25 Analysis of the Interfacial Stresses in an FRP to Metallic Subtract Adhesive Joint Subjected to Warm Temperatures
Daryan Othman, University of Edinburgh
15:50 The Development of Parametric Model for Strength Prediction in Adhesively Bonded FRP Joints
Matthew Clarke, Oxford Brookes University
16:15 CLOSE

From: May 08, 2014 00:00
To: May 08, 2014 23:59

Warwick, Warwick, United Kingdom


Manufacturing, Construction & Building

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