Slack Channel (click here to get an invite!)


The venue is 4 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902


There are several lots nearby that should have ample parking.


We have a group rate at the Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown (bottom left in the parking map above).  You can access the special rate through this link 2018 LAMBDA Squared Conference Booking Link for the Holiday Inn World's Fair Park. If you are staying at the hotel, they can provide free shuttle service in a 3 mile radius.


The KAT Trolley runs every 7-15 minutes and is free.

Are There Any After Conference Activities?


After the conference, we will be providing options for things to do.  We are still in the process of determining what those will be, but likely we will have a survey in the Slack channel (click here to get an invite!) with options so that you can know where people will be.  

We will be having a 5k fun run on Saturday following the conference on Cherokee Boulevard in Sequoyah Hills.  The event is a fun run, not a race.  Just a chance to get some exercise and hopefully enjoy some beautiful scenery and conversation with fellow FPers.  From Sequoyah park we'll run to Talahi and back along Cherokee Boulevard.

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