Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

March 30th 2018 13:00 - 13:50
Main Stage

On the surface, it often looks like we've naturally developed into our current roles. And, as we progress it's incredibly easy to forget what it was like being new. Rest assured, however, for most the journey has been filled with a whole lot of grit, determination, and discipline.
In this talk, we'll discuss lessons learned one year after going from a bootcamp grad, to a full time, full stack JavaScript developer. Whether you’re starting out with React and Redux, Elm, or Haskell; or you're planning on boarding new developers to an existing functional code base, you'll leave with practical steps to ensure success. Plan to walk away empowered, and with a renewed passion for the incredible industry, we're all a part of!

Aimee Knight avatar
Aimee Knight

Aimee Knight is a former figure skater, a graduate of the Nashville Software School, and a software engineer for Built Technologies. Outside of work, she’s a weekly panelist on the JavaScript Jabber podcast, and she regularly participates in a variety of others. In her spare time, she enjoys speaki...


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